Sony BRC-300P 1/4-Inch 3-CCD PTZ Camera
Product #17443 | SKU BRC300P
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Sony BRC-300P 1/4-Inch 3-CCD PTZ Camera

Product #17443 | SKU BRC300P
Usually ships in 4 - 6 Weeks

Product Features
  • 3-CCD Quality with Widescreen Option
  • Multitude of Control Options
  • Wireless Remote Functions
  • Optional Component and Digital Video Outputs
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Product Details
  • Product: #17443
  • SKU: BRC300P
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The Sony remote control camera BRC-300, is a 3-CCD communications camera mounted on a pan and tilt mechanism. The superior quality of the video resulting from the 3-CCDs and the choice between conventional or widescreen video output makes this camera quite advanced. With the refinement in CCD development, it has over 1 million pixels at its disposal. The camera can be mounted upside down, like from a ceiling or right-side-up because it has a image-flip function.

Key Features

3-CCD Quality with Widescreen Option
The BRC-300 is a highly advanced design full motion video camera for remote education and conferencing application, just to mention a few. The million pixels from the 3-CCD design result in superior colour, contrast and detail qualities rivalling the very best pro-sumer camcorders. If your presentations require or deserve the very finest detail, the BRC-300 is just the ticket.

Meeting the demands of the newest widescreen monitors and digital projectors, the camera can actually output a native widescreen image without using mathematical interpolation or aspherical image shaping. It provides real widescreen 16:9 ratio pictures with that extra wide angle fitting more into your frame.

Multitude of Control Options
The camera can be controlled to a good extent with the included IR wireless remote unit. Taking it a step further, an optional RM-BR300 controller has joystick control over other pan and tilt movements, Lens zoom, iris and shutter control and preset camera and lens positions. An optical multiplex unit gives long-distance fibre-optic cable video out and control to the camera up to about 1500 feet.

Wireless Remote Functions
The standard wireless remote performs many basic functions that may be adequate for a single or small multi-camera system. The remote will control up to 3 cameras with individual presets. Pan and tilt, focus and zoom, exposure control and up to 6 preset camera and lens positions can be operated in this way. The zoom function even has a slow and fast selection.

Optional Component and Digital Video Outputs
The BRC-300 has an accessory slot to accommodate option cards for higher quality video enough for broadcast or for long distance cable runs. For extra-long stretches of cable the fibre-optic multiplexer BRBK-303 runs video and control data through glass cables up to 1500 feet. Analogue component video or RGB data can be output via the BRBK-301. For the very highest quality video, good enough for broadcast or cable television, the camera accepts the BRBK-302 card which supplies uncompressed SDI video.


Application Network, Education, Table or Ceiling Mount
Image Device 1/4.7 Inch (0.213 inches) 3-CCD
Signal System NTSC
Lens 3.6 mm to 46.2 mm (12x Optical Zoom) f/1.6-2.8
Number of Pixels 1,070,000 Total Pixels
Horizontal Resolution 600 TV Lines
Minimum Illumination 7 Lux at f/1.6
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 50 dB
Maximum Horizontal Field-of-View 37.8° in 4:3 Mode
45.4° in 16:9 Mode
Pan Angle +/- 170 Degrees from Centre
Pan Speed Variable from 0.25° to 60° per Second
Tilt Angle +90 degrees upward / -30 degrees from Horizontal
Tilt Speed Variable from 0.25° to 60° per Second
Signal Connectors Composite Video- BNC (x 1 output)
S-Video- 4-Pin (x 1 output)
RS-232C/RS-422 Control-  9-Pin (x 1 )
Power Requirements 12 Volts DC
Power Consumption 21.6 Watts Minimum
Operating Temperature 0 to 40 degrees C
Dimensions (WxHxD) 180 x 211 x 205 mm
Weight 7.3 kg

In The Box

  • Sony BRC-300 1/4-Inch 3-CCD Camera
  • AC Adapter
  • Infrared Wireless Remote Control
  • Terminal Connector
  • Ceiling Bracket
  • 1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty


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  • Product: Sony BRC-300P 1/4-Inch 3-CCD PTZ Camera
  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Model: BRC300P
  • SKU: BRC300P
  • RM Product #: 17443