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Steadicam Merlin

The Steadicam Merlin offers light, agile, seamless shooting for today's videographer.
Ultra-light and ultra-compact, the Steadicam Merlin allows you to keep up with the action more easily than ever.
Designed by Garrett Brown, the inventor of the original Steadicam Jr, the Merlin is the next generation hand held Steadicam system.
The Steadicam Merlin is half the weight and four times as stable as the JR. Yet, it can move as smoothly as the big $60,000 rigs used in Hollywood.

Whether you're an independent camera professional, or running the corporate AV department; a wedding and event videographer or real estate agent; enthusiast or film student, the Steadicam Merlin is right for you.

Brilliantly conceived. Affordable. Versatile. Adjustable. Precise. The Steadicam Merlin. The simplicity of pure design married to common-sense ergonomics.

Unique Features:

DV Compatible
Exclusive 6-Bearing Metal Gimbal Assembly
"Folding Caliper" Hinge
Patented 3-axis Gimbal Handle
Weighs less than 12.8 oz
Supports cameras from 0.5 to 5 lbs (up to 7.5 lbs with arm and vest)
Affordable cost
Quick release mount
Ultra-compact folded design
Aluminum alloy upper and lower spars

More Info here.. Tiffen Steadicam Merlin

Steadicam Merlin
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