Syrp Magic Carpet PRO Short Track (600mm)
Product #51940 | SKU 0018-0009
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Syrp Magic Carpet PRO Short Track (600mm)

Product #51940 | SKU 0018-0009
Available from supplier Usually ships in 3 - 5 working days

Product Features
  • High-Strength Alloy Construction
  • Extends Magic Carpet PRO Sliders
  • Adjustable Release System
  • Counterbalance Compatibility
  • Precision-machined Track Joiners
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Product Details
  • Product: #51940
  • SKU: 0018-0009
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The Syrp Magic Carpet PRO Short Track is a 600 mm track extension for Magic Carpet PRO sliders. The high-strength aluminium alloy construction matches the other Magic Carpet PRO components for a unified design that provides a seamless sliding surface when built out. This slider is built to withstand the demands of professional filmmaking. Magic Carpet Pro has been designed to produce supremely smooth tracking moves with heavier camera loads.


Magic Carpet Pro
The Magic Carpet Pro gives filmmakers a professional, fluid and supremely stable slider experience. Built to withstand heavier camera weights of up to 32 kg, the Magic Carpet Pro brings with it the tool-less set up of the original Magic Carpet with the added benefits of an integrated Flywheel, a patent-pending Quick Release System and the ability to connect multiple Tracks together for longer tracking movements.

The Magic Carpet Pro is made from reinforced aluminium, ensuring stability and reliability for camera setups up to 32 kg.

Built-In Flywheel
Even with the most demanding payloads, the Carriage-integrated Flywheel keeps your tracking shots silky.

Flywheel Button
Activate the flywheel with a press of a button for use with larger cameras or switch if off completely for lower pay loads.

Endlessly Extendable
Each Magic Carpet Pro comes with precision-machined Track Joiners, enabling you to infinitely add length without losing quality. It’s completely tool-less too – simply join the tracks together, lock the lever to secure, and shoot.

Detailed Carriage Design
Meticulously designed, the Magic Carpet Pro Carriage includes an interchangeable camera thread, bubble level and brake for safe transport.

Quick Release System
Our Quick Release System is specifically designed to keep everything secure while keeping you mobile. Simply attach the QR Plate to your tripod head and click in to shoot, and out when you need to move.

Adjustable Release System
Magic Carpet Pro legs are designed to be quick release and fold out so the slider can be used on the ground without the need for tripods. They also simply fold away using the quick release levers.

Join Any Track
Made in a 600 mm and 900 mm length the Magic Carpet Pro tracks are designed to connect in any configuration making it easy to upgrade the length of your slider.

Counterbalance Compatibility
Capture sleek vertical shots using the integrated Counterbalance Wheel and rope system to attach a counterweight to your rig.


Payload Capacity Horizontal: 32 kg (23 kg with extensions)
Vertical: 11 kg (with camera up to 25 cm out from carriage)
Upside-Down: 20 kg
Width 19.2 cm
Length 60 cm
Weight 1.7 kg


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  • Product: Syrp Magic Carpet PRO Short Track (600mm)
  • Manufacturer: Syrp
  • Model: 0018-0009
  • SKU: 0018-0009
  • RM Product #: 51940