PhotoshopCAFE DJI Phantom Quadcopter Drones: Aerial Photography & Video Handbook (DVD)
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PhotoshopCAFE DJI Phantom Quadcopter Drones: Aerial Photography & Video Handbook (DVD)

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Presented by Colin Smith, 9 Hours of Footage

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PhotoshopCAFE presenter Colin Smith applies his extensive Photoshop and photography experience to topic of the DJI Phantom quadcopter line in this collection of video tutorials, the DJI Phantom Quadcopter Drones: Aerial Photography & Video Handbook . The lessons in this DVD apply to the original Phantom, Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, and Phantom 2 Vision+ models, and add up to 9 hours of material. Topics featured include basic setup and operation, using advanced features like IOC, installation of a GoPro camera and gimbal, aerial photography and video technique, and how to get the most out of your videos and photos in post. The video can be played on a Windows or Mac OS X computer as well as select iOS devices, including the iPad and iPhone 4 and later. The videos can be played full screen, and include an updated interface that allows you to jump to any part of the lesson with complete control over playback.

Key Features

DJI Models Featured

Covers Phantom, Phantom 2, Vision and Vision+

Notable Lessons

  • Flight Control
  • How to set up your DJI Quadcopter
  • Care and charging of Batteries
  • IOC and advanced Flying modes
  • GPS and Attitude modes
  • Firmware updates and calibration
  • First Person View (FPV) flying
  • Setting up and using the DJI App
  • Shooting aerial video and photos
  • Skill-building flight exercises
  • Editing photos in Photoshop
  • HDR and panoramas
  • Editing video in Photoshop
  • Premiere Pro crash course
  • Stabilising video in Premiere Pro
  • Removing lens distortion
  • Using the GoPro Studio software
  • Conversations with the pros

All Lessons

Introduction and Overview

An introduction to presenter Colin Smith, and a preview of lessons to follow

The DJI Phantom Lineup

A look at the following DJI quadcopters: the Phantom, Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, and Phantom 2 Vision+

Quick Start Guide

Covers the basic preparation to get you ready for your first flight


The care and charging of batteries. How to safely use the batteries, with some very important safety information

Propellers Assembly

How to attach and change props - self tightening and regular

Propeller Guard Assembly

How to mount prop guards and why you may want them

Camera Mounts

How to attach and detach camera platforms. How to instal brushless gimbals

GoPro Attachment

How to attach a GoPro to the DJI Phantom models covered

Micro SD Cards

How to instal Micro SD cards and which ones to get

Hard-Shell Case

Colin shows us his preferred way to transport his quadcopters

DJI Assistant Software

How to update firmware and software calibration

Connecting Vision App

Connecting your mobile device to your Phantom Vision camera for FPV (First Person View)

Renaming Phantom Wi-Fi

Learn how to rename your quadcopter's Wi-Fi network

DJI Vision App Overview

The free app for iOS and Android - a tutorial on the apps features and use

Using DJI Phone App

Flying with the app, telemetry, radar, shooting controls, and Panorama and HDR

FPV Goggles

Using the Epson Moverio see-through goggles for a truly first-person perspective

Safety Briefing

How to fly safely and responsibly, ensuring no one gets hurt

Flight Control

How to control the Phantom Quadcopter, how it flies

Satellites and Calibration

Calibrating your quadcopter and using GPS satellites for stability and marking your home base

First Flight Exercise

Your first controlled flight and a very basic exercise to help you get the feel for your quadcopter

Square Exercise

Two exercises to help you get the feel for flying in straight lies and for basic copter orientation

Circle Flying Exercise

How to fly in circles and camera orientation - two exercises for you to practice

Figure 8 Exercise

Two advanced flying exercises: learn to control your copter and to control the camera with precision

Recovering From a Crash

Crashes happen: a lot of the time it's not that serious

Return to Home

Using the built in return to home failsafe

Enabling IOC Flying Mode

Use the Intelligent Orientation Controls (enabled by a switch on your controller) for a more intuitive, pilot-relative way to fly

IOC Flying Modes

Attitude, GPS, Course Lock and Home Lock modes demonstrated

IOC Shooting Tricks

Using Course Lock and Home lock to get different types of shots

Course Lock

Experience fully automated robotic flight

Flying on Location at Beach

On location at the beach, we go for a fly and see what we can see. Shoot some video and photos while we are there

Aerial Panorama at Beach

How to capture a panoramic shot on location

Aerial Tracking

How to shoot while following a moving object, on location

Aerial Camera Moves

Covers several cinematic camera moves, including simulating dollies and cranes. Plus an on location sports car shoot

DNG vs. jpg

What is the best format to shoot photos on your Vision camera with?

Enhancing Aerial Photos in Photoshop

Getting started in Photoshop with aerial photographs. What most images need

Photo Lens Correction

How to correct the lens distortion with Photoshop

Aerial Panorama

How to create stunning aerial panoramas with your Phantom and Photoshop

Tiny Planets

Have some fun with your panoramas and create tiny planets

HDR Photoshop

How to make a true HDR (high dynamic range) image with your aerial photos to bring out a ton of detail

Using MacPhun Plug-ins

Use Intensify Pro and Tonality pro to bring our texture and details in your aerial images

Still Images from Video

Different ways of extracting still images from video

Video Camera Raw

Use Camera Raw as a powerful video adjustment too

Colour Grading in Photoshop

How to use Photoshop to create different cinematic colour grades on your videos, and give them a distinctive look

Photoshop Video Editing Workflow

Getting video into Photoshop and basic editing

Photoshop Video, Time

Manipulate time with slow motion and speed boost

Photoshop Video Colour Grading

Using Photoshop to colour grade a project with adjustment layers

Photoshop Video Music

Adding sound - specifically music to set the mood

Photoshop Video, Tilting and Export

Create titles and overlays. How to export the final video for online and mobile viewing

Premiere Pro

A 30-minute crash-course for Premiere Pro for beginners

Stabilise Video in Premiere

How to use Premiere pro to stabilise shaky footage

Video Lens Correction

How to fix fish-eye and lens distortion in Premiere Pro

GoPro Studio

A crash-course on using the free GoPro studio software for enhancing and editing video

Russell Brown: Perspective

Dr. Russell Brown talks about new perspectives quadcopters are offering photographers and videographers

Russell Brown: Creativity

Learn what Adobe Professional Russell Brown has to say about breaking the rules

Russell Brown: The Future

What Russell thinks the future may hold for aerial photography

Mark Johnson: Custom Modifications

Mark Johnson shows you his crazy contraptions and modifications to make a unique and accessorised flying experience

Romeo Durscher: First Person View

Romeo demos the Epson Moverio FPV goggle system

Romeo Durscher: Travel Tips

Romeo shares his travel advice regarding the DJI quadcopter

Jeff Foster: Video

Jeff Foster discusses shooting video with quadcopters

Colin Smith: Moving and Positioning Your Copter

Colin discusses creative ways to position your Phantom to get unique shots

Colin Smith: Portfolio and Travel Tips

Colin opens up his portfolio and discusses some images. Also, travelling advice is discussed

Final Thoughts and Further Resources

Colin gives some final thoughts and remarks on resources he considers valuable

Get This Video Onto an iPad

How to video the included videos on an iPad or other iOS mobile device


Desktop Operating System: Windows and OS X
Mobile Operating System: iOS
Compatible Devices: iPad; iPhone 4 and later
Full Screen Playback Supported


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PhotoshopCAFE DJI Phantom Quadcopter Drones: Aerial Photography & Video Handbook (DVD)
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