Easy Stabilization System for Your iPhone

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The Zacuto iPhone Cradle effortlessly turns the Point 'n' Shoot (Link to the Point 'n' Shoot here) handgrip into an image stabilization system for your iPhone. If you've already purchased the Point 'n' Shoot for your camera or other small video recording device, all you need is the iPhone Cradle and you'll be ready to turn out professional quality video from your iPhone. The cradle features padded edges that protect your phone and it can securely hold most iPhone models. With the quick snapping attachment, the iPhone Cradle can mount to the handgrip in a matter of seconds and quickly separating the two is convenient when you're traveling from location to location. For anyone that owns the Point 'n' Shoot Pro handgrip already, the iPhone Cradle is an affordable accessory that will have you shooting incredibly smooth, stable video from your iPhone in the blink of an eye.

iPhone Compatibility
Designed specifically for the iPhone (generation 1-4), this cradle securely holds your phone in place so you can capture steady video images, free of shakes and jitters
Point 'n' Shoot Handgrip Compatibility
The iPhone Cradle works only when paired with the Point 'n' Shoot handgrip. If you already own this handgrip for use with cameras or small recording devices, then the iPhone Cradle is an affordable accessory that will have you shooting professional quality video from your iPhone
Soft Grips
The iPhone Cradle features soft grips that pad its edges. This prevents any scratches that might occur when you slide your iPhone in or pull it out of the cradle

Note: Does not come with handgrip or iPhone

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Zacuto iPhone Cradle
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