Retro Design, Heavy-Duty Construction, Redundant Safety Features

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Featuring a support vest with a solid design reminiscent of the original motion picture camera stabilising system, the Came-TV Pro Camera Vest & Dual-Arm Support System features a heavy-duty, spring-loaded arm that supports camera and gear weighing up to 15kg. The vest is adjustable to fit a variety of body styles, and the arm attachment bracket can be worn on either side of the vest for left or right hand operation.

An adjustable metal front plate provides the structure, while a padded fabric rear plate adjusts and conforms to your body. Quick-release buckles join the front and rear plates, and hook-and-loop fasteners sewn into the fabric distribute the weight along the entire vest. Disengaging the quick-release brackets allows the operator to escape the vest in an emergency. The arm has a mounting pin that allows you to use select Came-TV and 3rd-party stabiliser sleds.

Key Features

Safety Features

  • The vest features six quick-release buckles: two at the shoulder, two at the side, and two at the hips. Disengaging the buckles separates the vest into two separate pieces allowing the operator to escape the vest in an emergency.


  • The front plate allows you to adjust the height of the vest to fit your body. It features a main rail with drilled locating holes and a spring-loaded locating pin arrangement. Once you have adjusted the height and the pin engages the locating hole, you tighten the locking knob to secure the vest in place.

The arm support mounting plate adjusts and locks along the same rail that the vest does, using the same locating pin and separate locking knob arrangement. This allows you to adjust the height of the arm for your comfort. You can also mount the arm support for left or right arm operation.


Load Capacity
Up to 15 kg
Select Came-TV and other brands of sleds.
CAME-TV Pro Camera Vest & Dual-Arm Support System (2.5 to 15kg)
RM Product #:
Load Capacity:
15.0 kg