Product Features
  • Used with microFollowFocus
  • For 35 mm DSLR Lenses
  • 280-320 mm Focus Ring Circumference
  • 0.8 Film Pitch Gearing

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The microLensGear enables an exact fit between your 35 mm SLR lens and Redrock Micro 's microFollowFocus system, which allows for more precise and fluid focus adjustments when using still lenses to shoot video. The Size D gear wraps around lenses with a focus ring circumference of 280-320 mm, and is pulled snug with one of the included fastening screws.

Key Features

  • Attaches and tightens quickly using a single thumb screw
  • No set screws that are hard to balance and may damage your 35 mm lenses
  • Flexible design to fit virtually any size lens
  • Larger diameter gears provide greater precision and control over focus
  • Wider gearing allows externally focusing lenses to be geared and used with a follow focus
  • Made of a proprietary lubricated nylon for strength, flex, and durability
  • Industry-standard 0.8 film pitch gearing for universal support
Redrock Micro microLensGear (size D) (Blue)
Redrock Micro
microLensGear D
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