Suits DVX100, HDR-FX1 and HVR-Z1U and Canon XH-A1

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Rugged lens flare protection for your camera and lens
The Matteblox Anamorphic is designed to reduce lens flare for Panasonic's LA-7200 Anamorphic Adapter for the DVX100 by integrating a matte fabric lined lens hood with an adjustable/removable french flag. The Matteblox Anamorphic holds on to the Anamorphic Adapter with 2 large rubber feet on the top and bottom and held tight with a tensioning strap that is secured with velcro. For a more secure grip we recommend applying some self-adhesive velcro hooks to the left and right sides of the Anamorphic Adapter.

The Matteblox Anamorphic has a rectangular opening which can fit on lens hoods that are(95-110×115-140mm). The sony cameras HDR-FX1 and HVR-Z1U and Canon XH-A1 are also compatible with the Matteblox Anamorphic. For best results with these cameras, you will need to stick velcro hooks on the left and right sides of the lens shade. For the Matteblox Anamorphic (mounted on the factory shade) with a 4x4" or 100x100mm Filter Holder, vignetting disappears at Z28. With a Panavision Filter Holder there is no vignetting. If you are planning on using 4x4" or 100x100mm filters then we recommend the our standard Matteblox.

Cinetactics Matteblox Anamorphic (Black)
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