Product Features
  • Rear Clamp with 144 mm Inside Diameter
  • 1 x Rotating Filter Stage
  • 1 x Fixed Filter Stage
  • Accepts Filters From 3 x 3" up to 4 x 6"
  • Includes Two 4 x 4" Filter Trays
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The Vocas MB-255 Matte Box Kit with 15mm Rod Support provides flare protection for your lenses. It features a carbon fibre hood with an aluminium support frame. It features two filter stages, one rotating, and one fixed, and comes with two 4 x 4" filter trays. With optional filter trays, the matte box accommodates filters from 3 x 3" up to 4 x 6". The MB-255 is designed to work with available Zeiss CP.2 lenses, as a result it will clamp onto any lens with a 114mm outer front barrel diameter.

Included with the matte box is a removable top flag for flare protection, and the matte box incorporates internal top and bottom eyebrows, which can be used to protect your lens from flares. The included rod support converts the matte box from clip-on to rod mounted, and it is vertically adjustable, so you can use it cameras, such as some DSLRs, that do not feature standard lens heights. Using the matte box with the rod support is useful when shooting with lenses that have a front diameter smaller than 114mm. The included flexible cuff fits into the 114mm opening on the rear of the matte box and supports lenses up to 110mm in diameter, blocking light leaks from behind the matte box that can otherwise flare available filters in the matte box.

Key Features

Matte Box

  • Compatible with most 4" wide filters
  • One of two filter stages rotates 360°
  • Fits lenses with up to 114 mm front outside diameter
  • Adjustable removable top flag
  • Internal top & bottom flags with external adjustment knobs
  • Works with most wide-angle lenses in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios

Rod Support
The 15mm rod adapter attaches to the matte box. It features an adjustable height range of 18.5 mm to compensated for cameras with a non-standard lens height.

Flexible Fabric Doughnut
The included cuff, snaps into the back of the matte box, and supports lenses with an outside front diameter of 110mm. The cuff/doughnut features a drawstring that you use to snug the fabric around your lens. This blocks light from leaking around the lens and reflecting off of a filter, degrading your image.

Matte Box
InterfaceRear clamp with 114 mm inside diameter
Filter Stages4 x 6" Fixed (x1)
4 x 6" 360° Rotating (x1)
Filter Sizes3 x 3", 4 x 4", 4 x 6"
DimensionsApproximately 21 x 16.03 x 6.99 cm
WeightMatte Box with Filter Holders: 350 g
Rod Clamp
Adjustable Height Range18.5 mm
Vocas MB-255 Matte Box Kit with 15mm Rod Support (114mm)
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