Product Features
  • Fits Lenses Up to 143mm O.D.
  • Two Rotating Filter Stages
  • Trays Support 4 x 5.65" Filteres
  • Clamp On Adapter Set
  • NATO Accessory Rails
Our Price $2,449.00

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The Wooden Camera UMB-1 Universal Matte Box (Clamp On) features two rotating 4 x 5.65" filter stages, with an optional third stage available as an add-on. It has a 143mm diameter opening and includes a set of clamp-on adapter reduction rings for use with lens diameter ranging from 80mm to 136mm. For accessory mounting, the matte box includes NATO accessory rails on the left, right, and top. Completing the package is a folding top flag. The UMB-1 is designed to be user upgradable and can quickly transition between this Clamp On configuration and 15mm LWS rod mountable configurations (Base or Swing Away) using optional accessories.

Key Features

  • The components are shipped in a box with custom cut foam. This foam can be removed from the shipping box and inserted into a Pelican 1550 case. Please note that the Pelican 1550 case is not included.
Opening143 mm
Filter Stages2 x Rotating (4 x 5.65")
Wooden Camera UMB-1 Universal Matte Box (Clamp On)
Wooden Camera
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