Product Features
  • Made from Super Lightweight Wire and Sheathing
  • Labeled for Specific Use
  • 3 Pin Size 0 Metal Push/Pull Connector for powerPack
  • D-Tap Female Connector for External Device
  • 18" Length

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Use this Redrock Micro flexCable powerPack Output 3-Pin to D-Tap Power Cable to power external devices such as the Atomos Dummy Battery.

Minimize Drag with Ultra Flexibility
flexCables are the perfect upgrade for using your Redrock microRemote or powerPack on gimbals such as Freefly MoVI, DJI Ronin, Letus, Defy, and others. flexCables minimize drag and weight while keeping your connections secure. If you use the microRemote with any gimbal setup, or if you are looking to add the our powerPack for safely powering all your gimbal accessories from a single battery, flexCables are the best solution available. flexCables are 200% more flexible than standard cables, which means less drag and easier cable wrangling. These cables can be wrapped, twisted, and bent to keep your rig tight without damaging or crimping the cable. The ultra flexibility minimizes drag for accessories between the camera and the gimbal frame, such as fingerwheel controller or power connections.

Lighten the Load
flexCables are 35% lighter than other cables. Lighter weight means less effort and long run times with your gimbals. This weight reduction is due in large part to the unique ultralight cable sheathing that still protects cables and connections to deliver top-notch reliability.

Keep it Tight
flexCables are also available as cable kits designed specifically for the popular Freefly MoVI and DJI Ronin gimbals. Each kit is specific to the gimbal and includes cable configurations and lengths that take advantage of each gimbals’ unique power system and layout. For example, Freefly MoVI power cables come with JST connectors and power protection for lipo battery use. DJI Ronin cables are shorter to take advantage of the power plate directly beneath the camera. The result is cables with the lengths you want and the connections you need.

Key Features

  • Made from super lightweight wire and sheathing
  • Metal push/pull connectors
  • Labeled for specific use
  • 3 pin size 0 metal push/pull connector for powerPack
  • D-Tap female connector for external device
Redrock Micro flexCable powerPack Output 3-Pin to D-Tap Power Cable (18")
Redrock Micro
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Lemo (3 Pin) Male