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D-5/D-3 Medium Digital Videotape, HD capable (33/66 Minutes)

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Panasonic AJ-D5C33M Medium D-5 HD/ D-5/ D-3 Video Cassette has a recording time of 33 minutes for D-5 HD and D-5. It has a 66 minute recording time for D-3. The video cassette handles standard TV as well as HDTV applications. Panasonic, the inventor of the D-5 1/2" component digital format has developed this high-quality compressed recording format to allow lower data rates. The Panasonic HD-D5 tape uses a proprietary DCT-based compression and records at 360Mb/s.

The Powerful Polyethlene Terephthalate (PET) base tape has a magnetic layer of 2.8 ┬Ám thickness comprised of fine metal particles. Among the features developed specifically for the demands of professional users are a stop motion capable of exceeding 60 minutes and a digital audio dynamic range of 95dB.

D-5 HD/D-5/D-3 Recording
This high-quality compressed recording format allows lower data rates with a proprietary DCT-based compression
Recording Time: 33/ 33/ 66 Minutes (D-5 HD/ D-5/ D-3)

Format: D-5 HD/ D-5/ D-3 1/2" component digital format

  • Recording Time: 33/ 33/ 66 Minutes (D-5 HD/ D-5/ D-3)
  • Tape Length: 334m

Coating: Fine Metal
Cassette Dimension: 212 x 124 x 25mm

Panasonic D-5 Tape 33 (med)
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