Evolving Luminous Objects

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Textures and Backdrops Volume 1: Evolving Luminous Objects
Sony Creative Software and Media Mixers join forces to present Textures and Backdrops Volume 1: Evolving Luminous Objects, a fantastic collection of twenty-five stunning visual backdrops. The Media Mixers production team are masters of 3D animation and special effects compositing, and this exclusive 2-CD collection proves it, delivering a dazzling array of network-quality clips that feature complex 3D objects and radiant light displays. These loopable AVI files, encoded with the acclaimed Sony Creative Software DV Codec, can be imported directly into Vegas® software and other non-linear editing systems for quick, seamless integration with your projects and presentations. Let the unique visual impact of Evolving Luminous Objects add a professional edge that will make your productions more dynamic and compelling. Enjoy this welcome addition to our incredible collection of media creation assets — your keys to achieving consistent and truly outstanding results.

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Sony Vision Series - Textures and Backdrops Vol1
Sony Creative Software
Textures and Backdrops Vol1
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