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The Seminar Series: Vegas Pro Software
This DVD package provides you with the best and most qualified hands-on experience available for learning the new features of Vegas Pro software. Authored by the same people who wrote the software, this unique system provides you not only with a guided and interactive tour through the new features of the program, but also with all of the content you’ll need to get the most out of the experience.

We’ve included two sets of training videos in this package. Disc 1 contains videos that have been optimized for viewing on your television set (in widescreen format) through a standard DVD player. Disc 2, which we refer to as the companion disc, contains all of the media you’ll need in order to follow along with the training as well as versions of the training videos that have been optimized for playback on your computer. For the best performance, copy the contents of the companion disc to a local hard drive.

Disc 1: Seminar DVD
The new features of Vegas Pro software: The videos on this disc walk you step by step through the new features. You’ll not only
learn what the new features are and how they work, but also gain some insight into how you might use them in your projects.

Disc 2: Companion disc
This disc contains all of the files that the instructor uses in the training lessons. In addition, it contains all of the same training videos found on disc 1, but these have been optimized for playback on your computer. (Since data rates of computer DVD players vary, we recommend copying the contents of this disc to your hard drive before working through the training.)

Sony Seminar Series Vegas Pro 10 Training DVD
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