4 - 2.5'' Monitor Rack Mount

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The Ikan RM4-25 is a rackmount consisting of four 2.5" 16:9 LCD monitors, each with BNC composite inputs. The RM4-25 consumes just 2RU of rack space, and allows you to tilt the face plate of the monitors so that the viewing angle is best suited to your environment. It is built to professional standards, and is an able studio production tool

  • 480x234 Resolution
  • 2.5 inch high resolution LCD panels with front controls
  • BNC composite inputs with full BNC loop thru
  • Adjustable panel angle
  • Composite Input


  • Resolution: 480 x 234
  • Dimension: 19"w x 1.375"d x 3.125"h
  • Weight (lbs): 3.95
  • Rack Units: 2U

Simple BNC Composite 480 x 234 Connection
Connectivity is achieved through the BNC composite fitting, and output to the monitors is 480 x 234 pixels

Multiple Region Compatibility
The RM4-25 can be used in both NTSC (USA, Canada) and PAL (Europe) regions

Simple Adjustment Wheels
Analog adjustments for brightness, color, and contrast are located below each monitor

Distinct BNC Composite Output
The RM4-25 has full loop-thru via BNC composite outputs from each monitor, so the signals can be passed on to another monitor, video mixer, or recording deck if needed

Ikan RM4-25 4- 2.5'' Monitor Rack Mount
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