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Full 1920 x 1200 HD Resolution Production Monitor

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BT-LH2550E, 25" HD/SD LCD Monitor.
Broadcast Quality Widescreen HD/SD LCD Monitor in Compact Case - Ideal for use in post-production and in applications such as filmmaking, Computer Graphics, printing and research

With an advanced In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel and full 1920 x 1200 HD resolution, the 25.5" BT-LH2550 LCD production monitor delivers stunning picture quality and greatly expands the range of colors you can view on screen beyond the NTSC standard.

Designed for applications that require the highest resolution and color performance, the LH2550 has an exceptionally wide color gamut -- it surpasses the ITU-R BT.709 standard (130%), enabling it to display a greater range of colors than conventional LCD and CRT displays. The monitors IPS panel technology ensures superior performance with high contrast and brightness (1000:1 contrast ratio), 10-bit processing, wide viewing angles and exquisitely detailed pictures. The LH2550 ensures you have the perfect color every time for far less than premium-priced reference monitors.

The monitor features a full range of professional level inputs including two auto-switching SDI (HD/SD) inputs (with switched output), component and RGB, and adds a DVI-D input. Additional tools include vectorscope and waveform monitor functions, a split-screen function that simultaneously displays two images side-by-side from two different type video inputs. and built-in calibration software that allows the monitor to be calibrated without using a PC.

A Wide Color Space with Six Color Space Modes
The color space of the BT-LH2550 is 102% that of the NTSC standard, so it exceeds the EBU/SMPTE range that can be displayed by ordinary LCDs. It accurately reproduces colors that
are not easily reproduced by conventional displays, including CRTs,
to meet the needs of both broadcasters and image production companies, and to work in fields such as digital cinema, CG production, printing, publishing, advertising, and research. The BT-LH2550 also offers three new color space modes in addition to the three conventional modes. The modes are menu switched. Modes can also be assigned to function switches on the
front panel for quick and easy changing.

A Space-Saving 25.5-inch Full-HD Monitor
The BT-LH2550 is a full-HD WUXGA (1920 x 1200-pixel) highresolution
IPS monitor. It is 10% narrower, 7% shorter, and has a 16% smaller footprint than our previous BT-LH2600W model with the same screen size.

Faithful Color Reproduction Meets Broadcasting Needs
The BT-LH2550 features a new image processing engine. By using a three-dimensional LUT (Look Up Table) for each RGB color and applying
precise 10-bit image processing, it achieves faithful color reproduction
from low to high brightness levels in all video formats

I/P Conversion Circuit for Motion Response
A circuit delay time (not including panel delay) of approximately 5 msec is achieved by incorporating an I/P converter circuit that converts SD and HD interlace signals with high precision and generates a progressive signal without causing field-length delay.
Minimizing the delay between the input signal and monitor output enables the user to confirm footage without any incongruity.

Wide Viewing Angle
By using a high-intensity, high-contrast LCD panel, wide viewing angle is achieved in all models. The BT-LH2550 has a 178° horizontal and vertical viewing angle. Easy viewing is ensured by reducing changes in colour due to the viewing angle.

Panasonic BT-LH2550E Professional 25'' LCD Monitor
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