Product Features
  • Low latency capability
  • Easy-to-use solution
  • Connect pair over ad-hoc or WiFi-network
  • Immediate audio monitoring
  • Real time feedback
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The Teradek Cube 105/405 1-Channel HD-SDI Encoder/Decoder Pair includes a Cube 105 HD-SDI encoder and a Cube 405 decoder. This pair is called a Cubelet and is capable of very low latency (3 to 4 frames). The Cubelet provides an easy-to-use, point-to-point streaming solution. Both units are paired and automatically connect with one another over an ad-hoc or Wi-Fi network.

Cube 105 includes comprehensive transport protocol support such as RTP / RTSP / RTMP / MPEG-TS, and an HD-SDI input. It comes with a headphone output for immediate audio monitoring and a microUSB port that charges the internal battery. This Cube supports dozens of CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), including Ustream,, Livestream, and Youtube Live.

The Cube-405 HDMI Video Decoder outputs high-definition videos via HDMI for video switchers and professional monitors (sold separately). This device decodes IP videos from Teradek encoders via Ethernet, includes a compact aluminium chassis, and consumes low power. Cube-405 comes with new hardware refinements to increase ease of use and versatility.

Both Cube-105 and -405 feature OLED, which enables users to rapidly change and review the settings of their unit in addition to providing real-time feedback for filenames, recording status, and wireless connectivity.

Teradek Cube 105/405 1-Channel HD-SDI Encoder/Decoder Pair
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