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Wooden Camera's Blackmagic URSA Mini Accessory Kit (Base) is a professional camera support package designed for the Blackmagic URSA Mini camera. The URSA Mini accessory package includes: Top Plate (URSA Mini), a top mounting camera cheeseplate for accessory attachment, Fixed Base (URSA Mini), a camera baseplate for holding the two 15mm Rods (30 cm length) at the correct lens height, Top Handle (Cheese), a bolt on top handle that attaches to the top plate and has multiple mounting points for accessories.

Included Items:

  • Top Plate (URSA Mini) - Top mounting cheese plate for Blackmagic URSA Mini Camera. Attaches to camera top by (4) 1/4-20 screws. Arrays of 1/4-20 holes in standard 9mm spacing and multiple 3/8-16 holes for large accessories. ARRI accessory mount also available in several places (3/8-16 screw hole with locating pins adjacent). Includes tape hook for accurate focus measuring. Original Blackmagic handle can be reinstalled on the Top Plate using center 1/4-20 threaded holes.

  • Fixed Base (URSA Mini) - A bolt on baseplate for the Blackmagic URSA Mini that provides lightweight 15mm pass through rods at the correct lens height. The baseplate can attach to any tripod plate or ARRI standard bridgeplate such as Bridgeplate (19mm) or Bridgeplate (15mm Studio). When studio rods are not needed, a Dovetail Clamp can be added instead to interface with 2060 Dovetails, Safety Dovetails, or Shoulder Rigs.

  • Top Handle (Cheese) - A bolt on top handle for secure camera carrying. 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes for accessory attachment.

  • 2x 15mm Rod - Two 15mm diameter iris rods 30cm in length.

Wooden Camera Blackmagic URSA Mini Accessory Kit (Base)
Wooden Camera
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