For Full-Size HD / ENG Camcorders, Maximum Height of 187 cm

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The Sachtler Telescopic Tripod TT 75/2 CF with FSB 8 Fluid Head is a full support system that's specifically designed for shooting video with a high-definition ENG-style camcorder – or perhaps a DSLR camera on an absolutely loaded rig. It's appropriate for payloads between 1 and 9 kg, so most professional camcorders are well supported, even shoulder-mount ENG models.

Two key features of the FSB 8 fluid head enable the execution of professional-level cinematic camera moves: balance and drag. The Snap & Go sideload mechanism features a very large sliding range of 120 cm, and ten steps of counter-balance are selectable, allowing you to quickly achieve precise balance and thus stable operation. Five grades of horizontal and vertical drag (plus zero drag) are also selectable, allowing you to pan and tilt slowly or quickly with the supplied DV 75-type pan bar. The tilt range of the FSB 8 is -75 to 90°.

The fluid head features Sachtler's counterbalance-switch mechanism, plus the company's well-known Speedbalance and Sideload technology. Sideload allows for quick mounting and unmounting of the camcorder, for easy switching between locked-down and handheld shooting.

The FSB 8 head attaches to the three-section Telescopic Tripod TT 75/2 CF via a 75mm bowl attachment, for professional stability and levelling. The tripod features single-tube carbon-fibre legs and magnesium die castings, for an excellent balance of light weight and good stability & load capacity. (On its own, the tripod is able to support loads up to 20 kg)

By extending the two leg stages via the ergonomically designed, easy-to-operate flip locks, the TT 75/2 tripod reaches a maximum height of 171 cm; with the head attached, that rises to a very tall working height of 187 cm. Meanwhile, the entire system weighs less than 4.45 kg. A padded bag is included.

Key Features

  • For use with full-size HD / ENG camcorders, with total payload support up to 9 kg
  • Provides professional performance via a 10-step counterbalance as well as three vertical and horizontal grades of drag (+0)
  • The Snap & Go sideload mechanism boasts an exceptionally large sliding range of 12 cm
  • The FSB 8 is a component of the SOOM modular construction system
  • Angle selector allows you to set the carbon fibre legs at precise angles, independently and easily


Load Capacity
1.0-9.0 kg
Maximum Height
187.3 cm
Maximum Height w/o Column Extended
Minimum Height
43.3 cm
Folded Length
89.8 cm
Levelling Bubble/Illuminated
Self-illuminating touch bubble
4.45 kg
Counter Balance System
Quick Release/Wedge Plate
Sideload plate S
Balance Plate
Range: 12 cm
Drag Control
In 5 steps + 0 (horizontal & vertical)
Tilt Range
+90 to -75°
Temperature Range
-40 to 60°C
1x CR2032 (for self-illuminating touch bubble)
Carbon fibre
Head Attachment Fitting
75mm bowl
Leg Stages/Sections
Leg Lock Type
Flip lock
Independent Leg Spread
Spiked/Retractable Feet
Centre Brace
Sachtler Telescopic Tripod TT 75/2 CF with FSB 8 Fluid Head
RM Product #:
Closed Length:
90 cm
Load Capacity:
9.0 kg
4.45 kg
Maximum Height:
187.3 cm
Minimum Height:
43.3 cm
Carbon Fibre
Head Type: