Interface Directly to Digidesign HD Cards

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Connect Apogee converters directly to Pro Tools | HD & Accel core cards

At last Apogee makes the direct connection to Pro Tools | HD systems a reality. The Apogee X-Series-HD option card allows for direct connectivity between Pro Tools HD™ systems and the AD&DA-16X, Rosetta 800 and Rosetta 200. The result is an incredibly powerful combination of Digidesign's™’ industry leading software and a new generation of superior Apogee conversion and clocking hardware that provides a workstation that will excite Apogee and Pro Tools™ fans alike.


  • Primary HD port for connecting directly to HD Core or Accel cards.
  • Expansion port for daisy-chaining multiple Apogee devices (AD-16X, DA-16X, Rosetta 800 & Rosetta 200)
  • Compatible with the latest versions of ProTools
  • May be used along side similar interfaces (such as Digidesign 96 I/O, 192 I/O, Prism Dream ADA-8)
Apogee X-HD Digi Expansion Card
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