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GoPro is the name synonymous with the original action camera company founded by Nick Woodman in 2002. During a surfing trip to Australia, Woodman hoped to capture quality action photos, but could not because amateur photographers could not get close enough to shoot the professional angles he desired and the cost of quality equipment was prohibitive. The 'GoPro' name was inspired by that desire to capture quality close up professional camera angles.

Initial capital was raised by Woodman by selling bead and shell belts from his VW van and, later, fashionable camera straps. Followed with a $230,000 investment from his parents.

The companies first camera system used 35 mm film. The GoPro 35mm HERO, introduced in 2004. A digital still and video camera was later introduced. The company introduced the first Digital HERO in 2006, with 10 second video capability, it sold units generating over $800,000 in revenue.

The current generation products include the GoPro Hero 6, Hero 5 and Hero cameras. In addition the new GoPro fusion features 360 degree video capture.

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  • Records 1440p or 1080p Video
  • Capture 10MP Photos
  • Waterproof to 10.0┬ám
  • Voice Control
  • Rear 2" Touchscreen
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GoPro HERO6 Black

  • Supports 4K60, 2.7K120, 1080p240 Video
  • Capture 12MP Photos at 30 fps
  • Ultra-Wide-Angle Glass Lens
  • Waterproof to 10m
  • Voice Control
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GoPro Super Suit Dive Housing for HERO5 Black

  • Dive to Depths of 60m
  • Protects from Dust and Debris
  • Includes Waterproof & Skeleton Backdoors
  • Flat Glass Lens
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GoPro Rechargeable Battery for HERO5 Black and HERO6 Black

  • 1220 mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Compatible with USB-C Rapid Charging
  • Communicates Exact Battery Percentage
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GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter for HERO5

  • Use with HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session
  • 3.5mm Mic/Line Audio Input
  • Right-Angle USB C Camera Connection
  • USB Pass-Through for Camera Charging
  • 106dB of Headroom
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GoPro Screen Protector Kit for HERO5 Black

  • 5 Protectors for Front and Rear Screens
  • Protects from Scratches & Reduces Glare
  • Backdoor Shield for The Frame
  • Includes Microfiber Cloth
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GoPro Chest Mount Camera Harness

  • One Size Fits All Chest Harness
  • Supports All GoPro Models
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GoPro Replacement Side Door for HERO5 Black

  • Snap-On Design
  • Maintains 10m Waterproof Depth
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GoPro Bite Mount with Floaty

  • Capture Hands-Free Stable POV Footage
  • Bite Mount Secures in Mouth
  • Built-In Mounting Buckle
  • Floaty Keeps Your Camera from Sinking
  • Easy-to-Spot Bright Orange Floaty
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GoPro Suction Cup Mount for GoPro Cameras

  • Compatible with All GoPro Camera Models
  • Works on Cars, Boats, Motorcycles & More
  • Adjustable Arms for Compact Mounting
  • Mount Proven at Speeds of 150+ mph
  • Includes Standard & Quick Release Bases
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