Product Features
  • Shielded barrel
  • Insulated snaplock plastic body
  • All-purpose cable clamp

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Switchcraft's DIN 5-Pin Cable Mount Connector is a cord plug with a shielded barrel or insulated snaplock plastic body. Two-piece metal barrel surrounds pin insert to form an electrical shield. The entire insert assembly is held together by snapping the insulated plastic shell over the assembly. The barrel's special metal tab locks the shell in place. Standard colour of plastic shell is grey. This cable is an all-purpose cable clamp.

Contact ResistanceCord Plugs and Receptacles; .010 ohms, contact spring/pin .030 ohms, ground clip/shell. Control and Switching Receptacles; .015 ohms, contact spring/pin; .020 ohms, switch contacts.
DielectricWithstanding Voltage: 500 V (rms)
ContactRating: 5-pin; 3A, 34 V DC
ResistanceLeakage: 10^5M (ohm)
Wire SizeRecommended: 22 Wire Gauge Maximum
Switchcraft DIN 5-Pin Cable Mount Connector
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