Built for extended bandwidth for 4K and 8K video applications

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The Laird RTBNC-1855-003 4K/8K UHD Cable Assembly with Neutrik rearTWIST UHD BNC connectors & Belden Mini RG59 1855A is built for extended bandwidth for 4K and 8K video applications. Neutrik's rearTWIST UHD BNC achieves increased headroom and offers additional return loss reserve for potential impedance deviations resulting from cable bending, incorrect connector assembly or faulty connection interfaces without signal interruption. The rear twist technology simplifies insertion and removal of recessed BNC panel connectors and allows for easy patch bay interface. No special BNC removal tool is required; simply use the rear boot twist.

The 23AWG Belden sub-miniature coaxial cable features a solid .023 " bare copper conductor, gas-injected foam HDPE insulation, Duofoil + tinned copper braid shield (95% coverage), and a PVC jacket. Custom lengths available.


  • High frequency optimized contact pin and insulator for UHD transmissions
  • Improved return loss values at high frequencies
  • Extended bandwidth for 4K and 8K video applications
  • For recessed panel mount BNC connections
  • Rear twist design is patch bay friendly
  • No special BNC removal tool required
  • Fully compatible with conventional BNC chassis connectors
  • UL CMR cable


  • Neutrik rearTwist UHD BNC Connector
  • Male BNC 75 Ohm
  • Bayonet Locking Device
  • Jacket Crimping
  • Brass Contacts
  • Antraloy Shell Plating

  • Belden Cable

    • Sub-miniature coaxial 1855
    • RG Type: 59/U
    • AWG: 23
    • UL CMR cable
    • Nom. Characteristic Impedance: 75 +/- 1.5O
Laird Digital Cinema UHD Cable for 4K/8K Video Applications (3')
RM Product #:
Cable Connector:
BNC Male
Cable Connector:
BNC Male
Length Feet:
3 ft
Length Meters:
0.9 m