Product Features
  • H8 Frequency Band
  • WL93 Subminiature Lavalier Mic
  • BLX1 Bodypack Transmitter
  • Rackmountable BLX4R Receiver
  • 91.44m Range of Operation
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The BLX14R/W93 Lavalier Wireless System with WL93 Lavalier Microphone from Shure includes a BLX1 bodypack transmitter, a BLX4R single-channel rackmountable receiver, and a WL93 subminiature lavalier microphone. It can be used when a highly visible mic is not desired such as in theatre, television, broadcasting, and film applications. The system is set up for Shure's H8 frequency band and operates from 518 to 542 MHz.

The BLX4R receiver has a front-panel dual-colour LED status indicator that glows green for normal levels and red when clipping for fast metering. It has both an XLR and 1/4" instrument output for connecting your instrument to a variety of equipment such as mixing boards or PA systems. The one-touch Quick-Scan feature automatically tunes the receiver to the clearest channel available and displays it on the front-panel LCD screen to allow you to tune the transmitter. The unit can be rackmounted with the included rackmount kit. The BLX1 is powered by two included AA batteries for up to 14 hours. The system has a 91.4 m line of sight range of operation.

The WL93 lavalier mic has an omnidirectional polar pattern and comes with a mounting block attached to a tie bar as well as a sew-on mounting bracket.

The BLX4R Wireless Rackmount Receiver from Shure is a single-channel receiver set to Shure's H8 frequency band and operates between 518 to 542 MHz. It has dual antennas with microprocessor-controlled internal diversity for reduced signal interference and dropouts. The one-touch QuickScan frequency selection feature allows you to quickly locate the available frequency with the least amount of interference.

The unit features an LCD display for RF and audio level metering while its front-panel dual-colour LED status indicator displays green for normal levels and red when clipping. It has an XLR output in additional to an instrument level 1/4" output. A rear-panel control provides output level. The BLX4R can be rackmounted with the included rackmount kit.

The BLX1 Bodypack Transmitter from Shure is designed for use with Shure's BLX wireless systems. It is set to the H8 frequency band and operates between 518 and 542 MHz. It has a TQG input and can be used with Shure lavalier, headset, earset and instrument microphones. With the optional WA302 adapter cable, the BLX1 can be used as a transmitter for guitar. The unit has a top panel mounted on/off switch as well as volume control for quick access while speaking or performing. The BLX1 is powered by the two included AA batteries for up to 14 hours.

The Shure model WL93 Microphones are economical omnidirectional, subminiature, lavalier, condenser microphones designed for general speech applications where a visually unobtrusive microphone is desirable. All WL93 models are supplied with a mounting block with attached tie bar, a sew-on mounting bracket, and an acoustic windscreen to minimise wind noise in outdoor applications. All WL93 models include a cable terminated with a 4-pin mini connector which connects directly to a Shure wireless body-pack transmitter.

Key Features

  • Subminiature lavalier design; ideal size for theatre, television broadcasting, video, film, and sound reinforcement
  • Uniform omnidirectional polar pattern
  • Full, clear sound comparable to larger microphones
  • Smooth extended frequency response with presence rise specially tailored for chest-worn microphone operation
  • Controlled low-frequency rolloff reduces low-frequency clothing and room noise
  • Low distortion, wide dynamic range
  • Small, inconspicuous mounting hardware
BLX4R Single-Channel Wireless Rackmount Receiver (H8: 518 - 542 MHz)
Output1x XLR Output
1x 1/4" (6.35 mm) Output
Output ImpedanceXLR: 200 ohms
1/4": 50 ohms
Audio Output LevelXLR Connector: -20.5 dBV into 100 kOhms Load (Reference +/-33 kHz with 1 kHz Tone)
1/4": -13 dBV into 100 kOhms Load (Reference +/-33 kHz with 1 kHz Tone)
RF Sensitivity-105 dBm for 12 dB SINAD, Typical
Image Rejection>50 dB, Typical
HousingMoulded ABS, Steel
Power Requirement12 to 15 VDC @ 260 mA, Supplied by External Power Supply (Tip Positive)
Dimensions (H x W x D)50 x 198 x 163 mm
Weight998 g
BLX1 Bodypack Transmitter (H8: 518 - 542 MHz)
Audio InputGain: -16 dBV (Maximum), 10 dBV (Minimum)
Gain Adjustment Range26 dB
Input Impedance1 MOhm
RF Output10 mW, Typical
HousingMoulded ABS
Power Requirement2x LR6 AA Batteries, 1.5 V Alkaline
Battery LifeUp to 14 Hours
Dimensions (H x W x D)110 x 64 x 21 mm
Weight75 g
WL93 Professional Micro-Lavalier Omni Mic (Black)
TransducerElectret Condenser
Polar PatternOmnidirectional
Frequency Response80 Hz - 20 kHz
Dynamic Range (Typical)98dB @ Max. SPL, A-Weighted
Signal-to-Noise Ratio72dB
Maximum Input Sound Level120dB @ 1 kHz,(1% THD)
Power Requirements2 to 10v; 5v Nominal (Pin 2 to Pins 3 and 4) (Supplied by Shure Wireless Body Transmitter Pack)
Output Impedance3000 Ω
Output ConnectorsTA4F,for Use with the Shure Wireless Transmitters
CaseZippered Carrying Pouch
Low Frequency Roll-OffNone
ApplicationsRadio, Television and Broadcast, Wireless Videography.
DimensionsApproximately: 5.84 x 9.40mm Diameter x L
WeightApproximately: 16 g
Shure BLX14R P31 Lavalier Wireless System with PGA31 Performance Headset
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