Aperture: 114 mm, Focal Length: 450mm, f/3.5
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The Cometron 114mm f/3.95 Reflector Telescope from Celestron is a tripod-mounted telescope featuring a Newtonian reflector optical design. The 114mm objective mirror and 450mm focal length make this entry-level telescope well-suited for viewing the Moon and planets as well as distant stars and nebulae.

The telescope comes with an extendable 1-section stainless steel tripod with a centre accessory tray. The optical tube is attached to an alt-azimuth mount with a panning handle. The handle makes tracking objects fast and easy while helping to minimise vibrations.

The two fully mulitcoated 1.25" diameter Kellner eyepieces offer medium and high magnification options. The 10mm eyepiece provides a high 45x magnification, while the 20mm produces 22.5x magnification. These two eyepieces will satisfy most viewing needs.

The telescope is equipped with a StarPointer red dot finder. Unlike conventional finderscopes, the red dot pointer is unmagnified with a projected red dot in your field of view when you look through it. Simply put the red dot on what you want to look at, and you are ready to go to the eyepiece. This makes it faster to find objects, and gives you more time to enjoy the night sky.

Key Features

Optical Performance

  • Newtonian reflector design
  • 114mm objective mirror
  • 450mm focal length
  • f/3.95 focal ratio
  • Reflective aluminium with SiO2 optical coating


  • 1.25" diameter barrel
  • Fully multicoated Kellner eyepieces
  • 10mm eyepiece for 45x magnification
  • 20mm eyepiece for 22.5x magnification

Construction Details

  • Alt-azimuth mount with panning handle
  • Aluminium optical tube
  • 1-section extending stainless steel tripod
  • Total weight: 8.4 lb


Optical Design
Newtonian reflector
114 mm
Focal Length
450 mm
Focal Ratio
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter
Red dot finder
1-section stainless steel

Leg diameter: 1" (2.5 cm)
Mount Type
Alt-azimuth with panning handle
Power Source
Optical Tube Dimensions
4.5 x 18" (114 x 457 mm)
Total Height
Maximum: 46" (117 cm)

29" (74 cm)
Total Weight
8.4 lb (3.8 kg)
Celestron Cometron 114mm f/3.95 Reflector Telescope
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