Sony PXW-X400KF 16x Auto Focus Zoom Lens Camcorder Kit

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  • Three-Chip 2/3" Sensor Block
  • Full HD 1920x1080 up to 60p
  • XAVC, MPEG HD422/HD420/IMX, DVCAM Codecs
  • Dual SxS Card Slots, 1 SD Slot for Proxy
  • Timecode In/Out, Genlock In


The PXW-X400KF 16x Auto Focus Zoom Lens Camcorder Kit from Sony includes a PXW-X400 Shoulder Camcorder Body, an auto/manual focus 16x zoom lens, stereo microphone, wind screen, and lens mount cap. The PXW-X400 Camcorder features a three-chip 2/3" Exmor CMOS sensor block to offer high picture quality and S/N ratio. The PXW-X400 Camcorder supports the Sony XAVC codec up to 1080/59.94p and 50p recording, in addition to MPEG and DVCAM formats. Its optimised and user-oriented body weight balance reduces the burden of shouldering this camcorder.

The PXW-X400 Camcorder provides a variety of AV and IT interfaces including two HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, composite outputs, RJ-45, and USB 3.0. It features an HD/SD-SDI input that supports a pool-feed function that allows you to record an input signal. This kit includes a 16x auto focus zoom lens (8 to 128mm) with a 2/3" bayonette mount (B4), a 3.5" LCD viewfinder, and a stereo microphone.


Image Sensor
Featuring a three-chip 2/3" Exmor CMOS sensor block, this camcorder achieves high resolution, high sensitivity (F12 at 60 Hz / F13 at 50 Hz), low noise (62 dB), and a wide dynamic range to better handle highlights while maintaining shadow detail.

Multiple Format Recording
The PXW-X400 Camcorder offers a wide array of recording formats for a variety of applications including ENG, EFP, and studio use. Developed on MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression, the XAVC codec provides support for the Full HD format of XAVC long 4:2:2 1080/50p and 59.94p formats.

Built-in Wireless Module and ONLINE Button
To support effective wireless news production workflows, the PXW-X400 Camcorder includes a USB wireless dongle. It also provides an 'ONLINE' button, located on the inside panel, which lets you instantly switch on functions like Network Client Mode, Auto Proxy Upload, and Live Streaming.

Embedded RJ-45 Connector
This Ethernet connector provides robust and fast connection to the network and can be utilised for file transfer, live streaming, and camera control from a web browser

NFC (Near Field Communication) for Easy Wireless LAN Connection
An NFC function supports easy connection for launching the CBM (Content Browser Mobile) application on a smartphone or tablet. This means you can skip cumbersome setup procedures.

Optimised Weight Balance
This lightweight camcorder minimises your physical stress even during the longest shooting operations. The camcorder's centre of gravity has been moved to the back of the body to achieve optimised weight balance and stable image shooting.

I/O Interface
Dual 3G-SDI output enables simultaneous output of up to two 1080p50 / 59.94p signals. Multi-purpose audio input accepts both analogue audio signals and AES/EBU digital audio signals. SDI input for pool-feed operation, so you can input and record 1.5GB HD/SD-SDI distributed signals from another camera. Each connector is located separately and, so there's no need for you to switch between input and output.

Low Power Consumption
This camcorder achieves power consumption as low as 22W in normal recording mode. This enables continuous recording operation for approximately 240 minutes with Sony's BP-GL95A (sold separately) standard-type battery.

Supports Full HD OLED Viewfinder
Equipped with two types of connectors for a viewfinder interface, the PXW-X400 Camcorder supports a variety of Sony's viewfinders, including the Full HD OLED HDVF-EL30 and HDVF-EL20, as well as the QHD LCD CBK-VF02. The HDVF-EL30 has a 960 x 540 resolution sub-LCD panel.

ONLINE Button for Easy Network Connection
The PXW-X400 Camcorder is equipped with a dedicated ONLINE button on the inside panel. This delivers simple one-touch operation of ON/OFF switching for three network connection functions.

Content Browser Mobile (CBM)
CBM application software controls the camcorder remotely and is available on both Android and iOS.

Network Client Mode
You can connect Sony's PWS-100RX1 Network RX Station (sold separately) to send proxy clips or live streaming with Sony's QoS technology. The PXW-X400 Camcorder can also be controlled remotely by the RX station.

Auto Upload (Proxy)
Clip files recorded on the camcorder can be transmitted via a network automatically when the recording is finished. XAVC 4:2:0 Long GOP clips are supported.

Live Streaming
This camcorder can transfer MPEG2-TS (UDP/RTP) to a third-party decoder.

Three-colour LED Indicator
The ONLINE button indicates the status (Disabled, Ready, Enabled) in three ways (off, orange, blue).

Sony's QoS Technology
Sony's unique QoS (Quality of Service) technology minimises risk of image quality degradation, image freeze, or audio disruption, and helps maintain video and audio integrity during communications. The PWS-100RX1 Network RX Station comes with Sony-original algorithms that automatically adjust bandwidths and buffer sizes to match the characteristics of wireless communications.

Sony Advanced Streaming with QoS
The Sony QoS Technology improves the clarity that's possible on a single 3G/4G/LTE cellular channel or your own wireless LAN network, or limited communication band of Ethernet. You get better pictures, even given the limitations of real-world networks. The endpoint of Sony's QoS streaming is the versatile PWS-100RX1 Receiver Station.

***Note:***Cellular streaming requires appropriate carrier dongle and service.

Conventional MPEG2-TS Streaming
For maximum flexibility, Sony's XDCAM wireless solutions also support conventional MPEG-TS streaming, so that you can stream to a wide range of receivers, including compatible third-party receivers and decoders. Sony wireless solutions will stream over a wireless LAN network, or over a 3G/4G/LTE cellular network with the appropriate carrier dongle and service. You can also enjoy wired streaming over Ethernet, using the embedded RJ-45 connector, via a router/hub.

Flexible file transfer
During field shooting news or other time-sensitive content, you can transfer files wirelessly so there's no need to wait for the delivery of physical media. The receiving server gets a bit-for-bit clone of the original camera file, with all the original audio, video, and metadata.

Simultaneous Recording on Two SxS Cards
Simultaneous recording is available on both SxS cards as a backup measure. This is within the same codec and with the same operating point in the recording formats such as XAVC-Intra, XAVC-Long, MPEG HD422, or MPEG HD (420). You can also achieve simultaneous recording with a proxy file in all combinations with the above formats using SD cards.

GPS Functionality
On activation, the built-in GPS receiver module records GPS data in an MXF file and a proxy file, and automatically imposes it on the live streaming signal. It is also useful for tracking shooting locations in post-production and when station-based staffs need to map a crew's location with the PWS-100RX1 Receiver for streaming.

Flexible Camera System Operation
The CA-FB70 Optical Fibre Camera Adapter or the CA-TX70 Digital Triax Camera Adapter (both sold separately) can be attached to the PXW-X400 Camcorder for live camera operation. The CA-FB70 Adapter enables the camcorder to transmit signals via an optical fibre cable up to 820' between the CA-FB70 and HXCU-FB70 Optical Fibre Camera Control Unit (CCU) with power and signal transmission. The CA-TX70 Adapter transmits signals via triax cable up to 1968' between the CATX70 and HXCU-TX70 Digital Triax Camera Control Unit.

RGB Colour LCD Display
The PXW-X400 Camcorder is equipped with an RGB colour LCD display on the inside panel. In addition to thumbnail and menu displays, you can see and monitor video reproduction in QHD (960 x 540 pixels) resolution.

Other Features
Newly developed ALAC (Automatic Lens Aberration Compensation) feature decreases specific patterns of chromatic aberration caused by the lens. The camcorder supports user gamma and Focus Assist function for easier focusing on the viewfinder and provides a graphic bar indicator, while the viewfinder can indicate Waveform, Vector Scope, or Histogram. The Digital Extender function enables images to be digitally expanded two to four times in size without any loss of F-drop image sensitivity.


Camera Features
Imager 3-chip 2/3" type Exmor Full HD CMOS
Effective Pixels (H x V) 1920 x 1080
Optical System F1.4 prism system
Optical Filter 1: Clear, 2: 1/4 ND, 3: 1/16 ND, 4: 1/64 ND
Shutter Speed Time: 1/60 sec to 1/2,000 sec + ECS (Extended Clear Scan)
Slow Shutter Speed: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 16-frame accumulation
Slow & Quick Motion Function 720p: Frame rate selectable from 1 fps to 60 fps
1080p: Frame rate selectable from 1 fps to 60 fps
Sensitivity F12 (typical) (1920 x 1080/59.94i mode)
F13 (typical) (1920 x 1080/50i mode)
Minimum Illumination 0.013 luPreset (3200K), Memory A, Memory B/ATWx (typical) (1920 x 1080/59.94i mode, F1.9, +42 dB gain, with 64-frame accumulation)
White Balance Preset (3200K), Memory A, Memory B/ATW
Gain Selection -3, 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 dB
S/N Ratio 62 dB (Y) (Noise Suppression On)
Horizontal Resolution 1,000 TVL or higher (1920 x 1080i mode)
Digital Extender x2, x3, x4
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz (±3 dB or less)
Dynamic Range 90 dB (typical)
Distortion 0.08% or lower (-40 dBu input level)
Headroom 20 dB (factory default) (20, 18, 16, 12 dB), EBUL
Recording XAVC Intra: LPCM 24 bits, 48 kHz, 4 channels

XAVC Long: LPCM 24 bits, 48 kHz, 4 channels

MPEG HD422: LPCM 24 bits, 48 kHz, 4 channels

MPEG HD: LPCM 16 bits, 48 kHz, 4 channels

MPEG IMX: LPCM 16/24 bits, 48 kHz, 4 channels

DVCAM: LPCM 16 bits, 48 kHz, 4 channels

Proxy: XAVC Proxy: AAC-LC, 128 kbps, 2 channels
Recording Formats XAVC Intra (XAVC-I mode):

1920 x 1080: 59.94i, 50i, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p

1280 x 720: 59.94p, 50p

XAVC Long (XAVC-L 50 mode):

1920 x 1080: 59.94p, 50p, 59.94i, 50i, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p

1280 x 720: 59.94p, 50p

XAVC Long (XAVC-L 35 mode):

1920 x 1080: 59.94p, 50p, 59.94i, 50i, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p

XAVC Long (XAVC-L 25 mode):

1920 x 1080: 59.94i, 50i


1920 x 1080: 59.94i, 50i, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p

1280 x 720: 59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p


1920 x 1080: 59.94i, 50i, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p

1440 x 1080: 59.94i, 50i

1280 x 720: 59.94p, 50p


720 x 486: 59.94i

720 x 576: 50i


720 x 480: 59.94i

720 x 576: 50i


XAVC Proxy: AVC/H.264 Main Profile 4:2:0 Long GOP, VBR

1280 x 720, 9 Mbps (Target Rate)

1280 x 720, 6 Mbps (Target Rate)

640 x 360, 3 Mbps (Target Rate)

480 x 270, 1 Mbps, 500 kbps (Target Rate)
Input / Output
Input/Output Genlock Input: BNC x 1, 1.0 Vpp, 75 Ω, unbalanced

Timecode Input: BNC x 1, 0.5 V to 18 Vpp, 10 kΩ

SDI Input: SMPTE ST292/ST259 standard compliant, 4-channel audio

1.5 GB Poolfeed Recording (up to 1080 59.94i)

Audio Input: CH1/CH2: XLR-type 3-pin (female) (x2), Line/Mic/Mic/+48 V selectable

LINE: +4, 0, -3 dBu

AES/EBU: AES3 compliant

MIC: -70 dBu to -30 dBu
Mic Input XLR-type 5-pin, Female: -70 dBu to -30 dBu
Wireless Microphone Type D-sub 15-pin
Analogue CH1: -40 dBu
Digital CH1/CH2: -40 dBFS
SDI Output Output 1/2: BNC (x2), 0.8 Vpp,
unbalanced, 3G HD/1.5G HD/SD selectable, SMPTE ST424/ST425 Level-A/B, ST292/ST259 standard compliant, 4-channel audio
Video Output BNC, SD analogue composite/HD-Y selectable
Audio Output XLR-type 5-pin, male, +4/0/-3 dBu (balanced)
Timecode Output BNC, 1.0 Vpp, 75 Ω
Earphone Output Stereo mini jack x 1
-11 dBu reference level output, maximum monitor volume, 16 Ω load
Speaker Monaural, 300 mW output
DC Input XLR-type 4-pin, male, 11 to 17 VDC
DC Output Round type 4-pin, 11 to 17 VDC, 1.8 A maximum rated current
Lens 12-pin, lens power source (11 V to 17 V DC, 1.0 A maximum rated current)
Remote 8-pin
Light 2-pin
Adapter Camera Adapter: 1 x D-sub, 50-pin
Ethernet RJ-45 (x1), 100BASE-TX: IEEE 802.3u, 10BASE-T: IEEE 802.3
USB USB 3.0/2.0 4-pin (type-A), USB 2.0 4-pin (type-B), USB 2.0 4-pin (type-A)
HDMI 1 x Type A, 19-pin
Viewfinder 20-pin IF for HDVF Series Viewfinder, and 26-pin IF for CBK-VF02, HDVF-L750
Viewfinder 8.9 cm Type Colour LCD Monitor: 960 (H) x 540 (V), Quarter HD Size
LCD Built-in Colour LCD
Screen Size: 8.8 cm diagonal Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Number of Pixels: 960 (H) x 540 (V) for Video display, Audio level, TC, battery and media remaining capacity
Other Specifications
Built-in Speaker 1
Media Card Slots SxS:
Form Factor: Express Card/34
Number of Slots: 2
Connector: PCMCIA Express Card compliant
Write Rate: 50 Mbps or higher, Read rate: 50 Mbps or higher
SD Card: 1 x Proxy, 1 x Utility
High Resolution SxS card
XQD card (with XQD ExpressCard Adapter, QDA-EX1)
SDXC card (with XQD ExpressCard Adapter, MEAD-SD02)
Proxy Audio/Video Formats: SDXC/SDHC
Power Requirements 12 VDC (11 to 17.0 V)
Power Consumption Approximately 22 W (while XAVC recording, colour LCD on)
Approximately 24 W (while XAVC recording, CBK-VF02 viewfinder and colour LCD on)
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C
Storage Temperature -20 to +60°C
Operation Approximately 240 min with BP-GL95
Dimensions (W x H x D) 15 x 27 x 33 cm excluding protrusions, body only
Weight Approx. 3.6 kg body only
Mount Sony 2/3" type bayonet (B4)
Zoom Ratio 16x (optical), servo/manual
Focal Length f = 8 to 128mm
(35mm equivalent: f= 31.5 to 503mm)
Iris F1.9 to F16 and Close, Auto/Manual selectable
Focus Range AF/MF/Full MF selectable
800 mm to ∞ (MACRO OFF)
50 mm to ∞ (MACRO ON, Wide)
Filter Diameter M82 mm, pitch 0.75 mm (on lens)
Wireless LAN
Hardware Compatibility Uses the USB port on these supported Sony projectors: VPL-EW275, VPL-EW245, VPL-EW225, VPL-EX225, VPL-EX275 and VPL-EX245.

Computer class: Pentium 4, 2.8GHz or faster CPU with 12MB of RAM or more and a display resolution of at least XGA (1024 x 768)

A wireless local area network is necessary to use the IFUWLM3
Software Compatibility Operating System:

Windows 7 Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Ultimate / Enterprise

Windows XP Home / Professional Edition SP3

Windows Vista Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Ultimate / Enterprise

Application: Projector Station for Network Presentation programme provided with projector

In The Box

  • Sony PXW-X400KF 16x Auto Focus Zoom Lens Camcorder Kit
  • PXW-X400 Shoulder Camcorder (Body Only)
  • 3.5" LCD Viewfinder
  • Stereo Microphone
  • Wind Screen
  • Lens Mount Cap
  • Back Focus Adjustment Chart
  • 16x Auto Focus Zoom Lens
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty


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  • Product: Sony PXW-X400KF 16x Auto Focus Zoom Lens Camcorder Kit
  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Model: PXW-X400KF
  • SKU: PXW-X400KF
  • RM Product #: 47795

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