Product Features
  • Works with HXR-NX5R and PXW-FS7 v4.0
  • Works with Select Sony Camcorders
  • Provides Focus, Iris, and Zoom Control
  • Provides Camera Control
  • 6 x Assignable Buttons
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Sony's RM-30BP Remote Controller features a compact form and can control most of the functions of your compatible NX5R or FS7 (v4.0) camera. The remote enables control of the one-push auto, manual focus, iris, and zoom of your lens. It also allows you to control the recording/display functions of your camera, as well as shutter speed and white balance adjustment. You can assign six buttons on the controller and control the functions and playback of up to three cameras, individually or simultaneously.

The remote incorporates an adjustment knob that can be set to control your camera's focus, iris, or electronic ND selection (if your camera features electronic ND). At the bottom of the unit is a zoom rocker with protective bar to help prevent accidental activation. You can daisy-chain together two RM-30BP units, allowing either remote to control your camera. You can also connect the remote to a Sony MCX-500, allowing for that switcher to control up to three cameras.

Key Features

Status LEDs
A green status display on the unit indicates the condition of the connected and selected cameras. The unit also incorporates red/green record LEDs for each of the three cameras you may be connected to.

Pre-Programmed Buttons

  • The remote incorporates the following pre-programmed buttons:
  • Hold (slide switch)
  • Camera selector keys
  • Iris toggle
  • ND toggle
  • Focus toggle
  • 3-Position slide switch (focus, iris, ND)
  • Rec Start/Stop
  • Assign key
  • Thumbnail key
  • Select/Set lever
  • Menu key
  • Cancel/Back key
  • Display key
  • Preset key
  • WB Preset A
  • WB Preset B
  • WB set
  • Shutter key
  • WB key
  • Gain key
  • Select key

Adjustment Knob

  • Focus: Pressing the centre of the adjustment knob temporarily activates auto focus adjustment (PUSH AUTO FOCUS). Please note that the rotation and speed of the focus adjustment will vary depending on the camcorder being used. You can change the direction of the focus knob if you wish.
  • Electronic ND: If the connected camcorder has an electronically switchable ND filter you can adjust the density of the ND filter by using the adjustment knob.
  • Iris: Please note that the rotation and speed of the iris adjustment will vary depending on the camcorder being used. You can change the direction of the iris knob if you wish.

Zoom Rocker
The zoom rocker is protected from incidental activation by a protective bar. You can adjust the speed and direction of the zoom lever on the unit.

Connection Ports

  • Camera: The remote features three camera ports, allowing you to control up to three cameras either individually or simultaneously. Additional cables, not included, are required for this configuration.
  • The option connector enables connecting the RM-30BP to an MCX-500.
  • Remote: This connector allows you to daisy-chain two units together.
Temperature: 0 to 40°C
Humidity: 80% or lower

Temperature: -20 to 60°C
Dimensions8.3 x 3.4 x 17.5 cm
Weight290.0 g
Sony RM-30BP Wired Remote Controller
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