Product Features
  • Designed to Perform Scaling of a HDMI Source
  • Output with Resolution up to 1080p Full HD and 2K
  • High-Performance Frame Rate Conversion Engine
  • Advanced Colour Engine Technology
  • Auto 3:2 Pull-Down & 2:2 Pull-Down Detection & Recovery
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The Gefen ToolBox High Definition 1080p Scaler (Black) allows you to scale one HDMI input to one HDMI output with up to 1080p Full HD and Deep Color. This unit can vastly improve the quality of the image by outputting the video to the native resolution of the display, bypassing the display's internal scaler. Video can be manually scaled up and down in all resolutions up to 1080p Full HD.

This product can also be used to downscale, making it ideal for distributing a Hi-Def signal to multiple displays that do not support the same maximum resolutions in an HDMI distribution system, while still showing maximum resolution on the higher-definition displays. It can also be used for DVI signals with appropriate adapters.

The GefenToolBox High Definition 1080p Scaler is conveniently wall-mountable so it can be easily installed behind the display. This Scaler offers RS-232 control and is field-upgradeable.

Key Features

  • Designed to perform scaling of a HDMI source
  • Provides the display device with its native resolution for a high quality display
  • High performance frame rate conversion engine
  • Output with resolution up to 1080p full HD and 2K
  • Supports down scaling of signals for enhanced connectivity options in a multi-display distribution system
  • Auto 3:2 pull-down and 2:2 pull-down detection and recovery
  • Avoids compatibility issues between a source and the display
  • Advanced colour engine technology
  • Provides brilliant colour, intensified contrast and details, vivid skin tones, and sharp edges for a crisp picture quality
  • Supports DVI-D signals (when used with appropriate adaptors)
  • Crystal clear audio by support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD master audio, and up to 8 channels of LPCM via HDMI
  • Supports Dolby digital AC3, DTS digital surround, and 2-channel LPCM via S/PDIF and TOSLINK
  • Built-in on-screen display
  • Front panel buttons
  • Allows you to manually control the scaling resolution, select audio input, aspect ratio control, etc.
  • Works with an optional remote control (not included)
  • Accepts RS-232 control signals
  • Field-upgradeable
  • Wall-mountable
Gefen ToolBox High Definition 1080p Scaler (Black)
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