Control up to 4 HDR-10 replay units at the same time via USB
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Adding instant replay to any sports production has never been this easy. The cost-effective workflow of the Datavideo HDR-10 highlight replay unit combined with the all new RMC-400 controller makes it possible for anyone to add an instant replay feature for higher quality productions.

The RMC-400 can control up to four HDR-10 highlight replay units, allowing you to have instant replay with slow motion and up to four different camera angles. Easily press one button to mark your in point to create a highlight clip, then press one button to replay. You can use the T-bar to control the speed for a true professional hardware operation. Since you can connect multiple HDR-10s to the RMC-400, you can start off with 1-2 cameras and expand to 4 cameras for bigger productions.

Key Features

  • Control up to 4 HDR-10 replay units at the same time via USB
  • One button replay short cut keys with variable mark-in values
  • T-Bar adjusts replay speeds from 0% (stopped motion) to 400% (4 x normal playback speed)
  • Jog wheel allows frame by frame movement in replay mode when paused or speed is at 0%
  • Shuttle wheel can FFWD as well as REW during replay
Datavideo RMC-400 Control Unit for HDR-10 Unit
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