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If you own a quality PC system, expand it’s capabilities and turn it into a HDMI multi-camera, live TV studio! Streamstar KIT | HDMI - is an easy to install software and HDMI inputs capture card package that is the best and the most affordable streaming solution on the market. In a few minutes You will be streaming broadcast quality, live video right from your own PC. Fully loaded Streamstar live production and streaming software with Instant Replays and Slow Motion playback on all cameras is included.

Key Features:

  • Full Featured Streamstar SW Production Software
  • Intuitive and Easy-To-Use Touch Screen Interface
  • 4x HDMI or IP Video Stream Inputs
  • IP video stream inputs from JVC streaming camcorders supported
  • External Signal Ingest with Keying (for SCOREPLUS, PowerPoint, Keynote, Facebook, GoPro or even a smart phone camera etc.)
  • HDMI Video Out (GPU dependant)
  • Up to 1080p streaming
  • Cut / Crossfade / Transitions Automated Switching Modes
  • Instant Replays with Slow Motion Playback on all cameras
  • Replays Recording on all Cameras
  • Replay Lead In/Out animations
  • Monetizing System with advertisements statistics
  • Replays Matrix Playout system
  • 3 layers of DSK – images/animations with transparency
  • SCOREPLUS – scores, timers and titles generator app
  • Instant, unlimited Video clips playback – No transcoding!
  • Playlists – media management/playout system
  • PIP and Split Screen Layouts
  • HD Recording of PGM
  • Stream Recording of PGM (Simultaneous)
  • 2nd Display Multiview grid
  • Multi System PAL / NTSC operation
  • True 4:4:4:4 ARGB video processing
  • Full Featured audio mixer
  • Built-in Proprietary Streamstar Encoder
  • Popular Streaming Platforms Integration
  • Touch screen enabled UI
  • 1 years hardware warranty
StreamStar SKITHDMI Live Production & Streaming Software & HDMI card
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