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Adjustable handgrips for HD camera packages between 22-40 lb

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The Zgrips Beefy are handgrips for HD camera packages between 22-40 lbs. i.e. RED cameras. These grips are infinitely adjustable with un-parallel strength. Each handgrip can move up and down, left and right, as well as fully articulate at the wrist. The handgrips can also move together pushing away from your body or towards your body. Each grip can move independently so you can have one grip further away from your body then the other grip. They can also be set at different lengths or positions. Like all Zacuto products, the Zgrips Beefy can quick-release with the flip of a lever. The Zgrips Beefy can be broken down as well and the handgrips can be used individually on any 19mm rod or 15mm rod (please select rod size). This is the most beefy, most universal handgrip system available.

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Zacuto Z-Grips Beefy
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