Auray PFNY-6 Nylon Pop Filter with Gooseneck
Product #52621 | SKU PFNY-6
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Auray PFNY-6 Nylon Pop Filter with Gooseneck

Product #52621 | SKU PFNY-6
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Product Features
  • 6" Double-Layered Nylon Pop Screen
  • Protects Against Vocal Plosives
  • 13" Flexible Gooseneck
  • Protects Mic from Corrosive Moisture
  • Sturdy C-Clamp with Thumbscrew Fastener
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  • Product: #52621
  • SKU: PFNY-6
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Designed for use with microphones, the Auray PFNY-6 is a pop filter that minimises vocal plosives and reduces errant breath noise. It's suitable for home and pro studios alike, and lends itself to all sorts of recording applications, including sung vocals, voice-overs, broadcasts, and podcasts.

The PFNY-6 utilises a double-layered nylon screen, affording a clear view of the capsule; thus, the PFNY-6 won't impede a vocalist from giving a robust-sounding performance, captured on-axis. Additionally, this screen protects your microphone capsule from corrosive moisture.

Its 13" flexible gooseneck will give you plenty of room to manoeuvre, allowing you to place the screen as close to the capsule as you'd like. A sturdy C-clamp with a thumbscrew fastener protects against slippage, while a rubber grommet and padding protect your mic stand's finish.

Key Features

Prevents Vocal Plosives
Anyone who has recorded vocal tracks knows what the sound of p and b can do to the take when a microphone is left unprotected. This double-layered nylon screen dissipates the rush of air caused by vocal plosives, thus minimising the popping sounds that can compromise your recording.

Robust Vocal Tracks
By minimising vocal plosives, vocalists can move closer to the microphone and train their voice directly on the mic capsule for a more rich, centred, warm, and robust track.

Protects Against Corrosive Moisture
In addition to protecting your take from vocal plosives, the PFNY-6 protects your mic capsule from corrosive moisture.

Easy to Attach
The PFNY-6 is outfitted with a sturdy C-clamp that attaches easily to a mic stand or mic boom. Its thumbscrew fastener adjusts to most sizes, and the rubber grommet won't scratch your mic stand's finish.


Diameter Screen: 6" / 15.2 cm
Gooseneck Length 33 cm
Total Length 55.9 cm
Weight 204.1 g


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  • Product: Auray PFNY-6 Nylon Pop Filter with Gooseneck
  • Manufacturer: Auray
  • Model: PFNY-6
  • SKU: PFNY-6
  • RM Product #: 52621