Incorporates powerful film restoration and interactive workflows

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Blackmagic Design DaVinci Revival Pro (linux)
Cutting edge film restoration toolset with network rendering for extreme performance

Worlds greatest film restoration.
With millions of reels of film footage now needing to be restored and cleaned up for remastering to HD broadcast, Blu-ray, DVD and internet delivery, DaVinci Revival has all the tools for all types of film treatment and repair. Older film that’s been stored in poor conditions can suffer from stains, damaged and broken splices and even scratches. DaVinci Revival handles all this, plus it's perfect for new film that needs a little grain reduction to get it looking perfect!
Remove or sample-and-add film grain, remove dirt and dust, de-warp damaged film, stabilize film that's weaving independently in red, green and blue, repair bad splices or even add and remove cadence! DaVinci Revival does it all!. DaVinci Revival comes in two affordable solutions, DaVinci Revival and DaVinci Revival Pro. The powerful DaVinci Revival Pro includes software render nodes for increased rendering speeds!

Fastest and greatest film repair tools!
DaVinci Revival works in both manual and automatic modes. In manual workflow you have full control of each individual frame within the region of interest. In automatic mode, DaVinci Revival handles all frames for you, which is ideal when working on large restoration projects with lots of film. DaVinci Revival allows high performance network rendering for blazing speeds. Remove or sample-and-add film grain, remove dirt and dust, de-warp damaged film, stabilize film that’s weaving independently in red, green and blue, repair bad splices or even add and remove cadence! DaVinci Revival does it all!

Mind blowing speeds!
DaVinci Revival is unmatched in rendering speed because it takes full advantage of the multiple CPUs in modern computers and has advanced network rendering built in. You can use more computers for even greater speeds! Just add extra computers and you get a massively powerful render farm that screams through your rendering at mind blowing speeds! That's perfect when you have loads of film footage that needs to be restored on tight deadlines and you need it now!

Network rendering for unlimited speed
If a client arrives at your facility with a roll of film that needs cleaning up for the job, you won't need to stall the whole job. Use network rendering to blaze through a quick film grain reduction pass, and then, if there are any dust and sparkles, you can remove them as well. Network rendering uses multiple computers so DaVinci Revival gets the job done fast. How fast is DaVinci Revival? Standard Definition on an 8 core computer can approach real time, while 2K RGB on a 16 core system can power through at a massive 8 frames per second. If that's not fast enough, just add another computer!

World's most advanced grain reduction
Everyone loves the incredible quality and contrast range of film, however no one loves the film grain that often makes keying, effects and other work difficult. Film grain is a bigger problem in HD where it's easily seen and makes incredible images look cheap. The problem is worse because film grain is often enhanced by the color grading process. Just pushing the grade even a little can pull out the grain and make shots look incredibly noisy. Film grain reduction is one of the most important film processing tasks before film can be used further down the production pipeline and DaVinci Revival makes film grain reduction a breeze!

Remove both grain and noise!
DaVinci Revival has incredible film grain reduction tools with controls for automatic reduction using spatial blending and patch size. Often film scanning can introduce electronic noise on top of the natural film grain, however DaVinci Revival can tell the difference! Noise level and correction range can be quickly set, and all grain and noise reduction is handled independently for each color channel in either RGB or YUV for incredible results. For even greater control you can choose luminance only processing or full color processing. You can even sample and add grain back into a shot if required! DaVinci Revival is so good at treating film grain, you'll use it on all your film jobs!

Remove dirt, dust and scratches!
The most common damage to film is dirt and dust speckles as they just keep increasing with each use of the film. If you're unlucky enough to be given film that's been mishandled, then you might also have scratches to deal with making the problem much worse. Now it's a snap to fix dirt, dust and scratch damage, and restore film back to it's natural beauty. DaVinci Revival offers interactive dirt and dust removal tools with region of interest reconstruction and repair, which can be applied using temporal, spatial and median filters to process moving images while cleaning the dirt and dust.

Powerful tools for better dirt removal
If you're a purist, you can manually touch up dust spots using the Reveal Brush with an RGB channel, the Offset Clone Brush to copy images or just the luminance densities for extremely accurate repairs on the most critical film shots. Process clips or whole segments of film. Video dropouts can also be fixed with the Speckle tool which has both spatial and temporal corrections. Scratch repair is incredibly powerful and you could easily repair 10 scratches at once! Use the Auto Vertical Scratch repair to set ROI and correction aggression with blending for the most difficult job. Even if the scratch moves you can easily track a dark or a light scratch. No other tool is more powerful than DaVinci Revival for dirt and dust repair!

Eliminate film damage problems!
There's nothing worse than getting a tape and finding out when it was transferred from film, damage to the film sprockets, shrinkage or bad splices caused it to run through the film scanner gate unevenly causing jumps and warps. From critical shots to priceless archive footage of historical events, sometimes problems in film cannot just be edited out, and every frame needs to be restored. DaVinci Revival has powerful tools for de-warping problematic frames in transferred film masters.

Saves thousands of hours!
Some films have hundreds of old splices and shrinkage problems that are perfect for the powerful de-warp tool. You have complete control over sections of the image so you can easily fix these warped frames. Just consider if the corner of the frame registration is wrong, then with DaVinci Revival it's no problem because you can easily de-warp the corner and it's completely fixed! Use the automatic splice repair tool to fix reels of film with hundreds of splices quickly. Now you can repair film back to its original look. De-warp and automatic splice repair will save thousands of hours in repairing damaged film!

Kill film weave and registration problems!
How many times have you seen a film master and seen it weave left to right because of poor quality film to tape transfer, worn sprocket holes, twisted film or damaged edges. No matter what the cause, DaVinci Revival Stabilization gives you the settings you need to solve the problem fast. You can set the zoom, crop, horizontal position, vertical position, rotation and zoom with full control of the processing aggression level to get the perfect result. The stabilization tool uses the same high quality technology used on DaVinci Resolve so you get clean optical quality processing.

Independent RGB channel stabilization
Unlike older Telecines, modern film scanners often scan red, green and blue channels sequentially, and then build up the full color frame. This means that any problems in the film sprocket holes or film edge can cause annoying mis-registration between colors that make visual effects and high quality post production work impossible. Imagine if you have original camera negative film that's damaged

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Revival Pro
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