Canare L-4E3-16P 100M 16-Channel Star Quad Microphone Cable (328' / 100 m)

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  • Braided Copper Shield
  • Flexible in Extremely Cold Weather
  • Cross Linked POE Insulation
  • Rejects EMI & RFI


The Canare L-4E3-16P 100M 16-Channel Star Quad Microphone Cable (328' / 100 m) is a 25 AWG Star Quad snake cable with braided shields. Each channel is completely isolated and consists of 4 conductors surrounded by an overall braided shield encased in a colour coded striped PVC jacket. The 4-conductor style construction minimises the loop area between twists of the conductors. This double balanced pairing reduces susceptibility to electromagnetically induced noise.

Fine conductor stranding for flexibility facilitates roll up and easy payout. Large numbers of thin wire strands are used in the copper conductors and overall braided shield. A special compound PVC outer jacket is extruded that remains pliant at extremely low temperatures with no wait between cold shipping and installation. The 4-conductor design provides superior EMI and RFI noise rejection in problem areas on the stage.

This Star Quad cable is designed for use with microphones but is also excellent for all line-level signals (e.g. mixer to power amps). The 4-conductor arrangement cancels electromagnetically induced noise from SCR dimmer packs, fluorescent lighting ballasts, and AC power transformers. Handling noise is prevented by use of cotton filler material. Good frequency response is maintained due to special irradiated polyethylene insulation which acts as a low capacitance dielectric

Good crosstalk characteristics allow different signals (-120 dB mic, 4 dB line, 10 dB code levels) to be used in adjacent channels.

Key Features:


The filler in the cable prevents stretching and twisting of the inner conductors which can cause noise


Utilises high-conductivity, annealed copper wires, stranded to form flexible conductors and shields


The PVC outer jacket is tough, strong, and durable with good flexibility. These qualities are retained even at very low temperatures, reducing the chance of the cable stiffening or cracking.


On irradiation, the polymer insulation becomes extensively cross-linked, chemically inert, water resistant, and remains flexible at very low temperatures. Irradiated POE is heat resistant, and the insulation is less likely to shrink back, flow, or char when soldering, so you save initial and rework time, and achieve more reliable connections.


Spiral (serve) shields are not used because they can spread apart with use. The cable's shield is made using many thin copper strands in a densely woven braid. It is very flexible and offers appreciable noise rejection


Ideal for multiple audio lines, portable applications, audio rack wiring, & PA systems


No. of Channels 16 (pairs)
Outer Diameter Channel: 0.13" (3.4 mm)
Dielectric Strength 500 VAC / min
Conductor AWG (AC): 28 (7/4.72 quantity/mm)
Quad: 25 AWG
Cross Sectional Area: 124 mm²
Channel Drain Wire (Bundle Drain Wire): 20 AWG
Pitch Twist Quad <0.63" (<16 mm)
Shield Coverage >93% AC Braid
Number of Conductors 64 (4 per channel)
Nominal O.D: 0.74" (18.8 mm)
Material Jacket: PVC
Insulation: IPE
Thickness Nominal: 0.047" (1.2 mm)
Insulation: 0.42” (10.6 mm)
Brittle Point -22°F (-30°C)
Conductor D.C.R. <75.8 ohm/1000' (<24.9 ohm/100 m)
Shield D.C.R <10.3 ohm/1000' (<3.4 ohm/100 m)
Nominal Capacitance Capacitance between Conductors: 44 pF/ft (145 pF/m)
Capacitance between Conductors to Shield: 52 pF/ft (170 pF/m)
Nominal Impedance 43 ohm
Nominal Attenuation 1.8 V/1000' (0.6 V/100 m)
Group Delay Time 1.8 ns/ft (5.8 ns/m)
Input X-Talk: <3 mV/1000' (<1 mV/100 m) @ 3.31 V
Length 328' (100 m)
Weight 101 lb (46 kg)

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  • Canare L-4E3-16P 100M 16-Channel Star Quad Microphone Cable (328' / 100 m)


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  • Product: Canare L-4E3-16P 100M 16-Channel Star Quad Microphone Cable (328' / 100 m)
  • Manufacturer: Canare
  • Model: L-4E3-16P 100M
  • SKU: L-4E3-16P 100M
  • RM Product #: 67256
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty

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