Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine Pedal for Electric Guitars

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  • Emulates Classic Bass Tones.
  • Polyphonic Operation.
  • Smooth Tracking.
  • 9 Bass & Bass Synth Presets.
  • Dry Volume & Effect Volume Controls.


Get multiple bass tones with the Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine Pedal for Electric Guitars. Use this pedal to approximate the sound of a P Bass, a baritone-style guitar for Americana, the timbre of classic bass synthesisers, and more.

In addition to modelling classic tones, the BASS9 will allow you to drop your signal one or two octaves without glitchy artefacts. Polyphonic tracking means you can even play chords with this pedal.

Two outputs are provided so you can split your signal if you wish. Send dry, unprocessed signal to your regular amp, and send processed tone to a secondary amplifier. Independent volume knobs are provided for the dry and effected outputs.

Three other controls are on hand. A mode selector knob allows you to set the bass effect, while the function of the CTRL 1 and CTRL 2 knobs change depending on the effect type. The bypass circuitry is buffered to preserve your signal's tone across long cable runs. A power supply is included.

Key Features:

Modes at a Glance
  • PRECISION: An emulation of a popular type of electric bass. CTRL 1 controls the sub-octave, mixing between 1 octave down (counter-clockwise position) and 2 octaves down (clockwise position). CTRL 2 adjusts your tone, which is modelled after the original instrument’s tone control.
  • LONGHORN: Inspired by the Danelectro 6-string basses from the ‘50s, this patch is great for copping baritone style tones. CTRL 1 adjusts the pitch in half steps from -1 octave to unity. CTRL 2 controls a vintage tremolo effect which increases in depth and rate as the knob is turned up. Ring modulation effects are generated when the knob is turned past 2 o’clock. Also, use the Longhorn preset to detune your guitar for metal.
  • FRETLESS: Emulation of both electric and upright fretless basses. CTRL 1 controls the buzzy growl sound of a fretless instrument. CTRL 2 adds a Jaco-style chorus effect which intensifies as the knob is turned up.
  • SYNTH: A bass synthesiser sound modelled after the Taurus synthesiser. Use CTRL 1 to adjust the synth’s note range between octaves and fifths. CTRL 2 adjusts the synthesiser’s envelope filter range. Higher settings of CTRL 2 makes for brighter and wider filter sweeps.
  • VIRTUAL: This patch that allows you to adjust your bass’s body density and neck length. CTRL 1 adjusts body density; higher settings produce longer, piano-like sustain. CTRL 2 adjusts neck length, where the length increases as the knob is turned clockwise.
  • BOWED: A classic bowed bass sound with adjustable attack. CTRL 1 controls sub-octave mixing between 1 octave down and 2 octaves down. CTRL 2 adjusts the bow’s attack speed. As you turn up the knob, the attack speed slows. The attack effect is fully polyphonic.
  • SPLIT BASS: This patch provides a sub-octave effect on all notes below F#3—the F# can be found at the fourth fret of the D-string on a standard guitar. It does not pitchshift notes above G3. This allows a guitar player to play bass lines with the lower two strings of a guitar and chords or melody with the highest three strings. CTRL 1 adjusts bass tone by adding upper harmonics as the knob is turned clockwise. CTRL 2 provides an envelope filter / auto-wah effect on all notes you play. As you turn CTRL 2 up, the wah effect intensifies.
  • 3:03: This is a polyphonic emulation of one of the most sought-after vintage bass synthesisers. CTRL 1 adjusts the filter’s envelope sweep depth or total range while CTRL 2 sets the envelope speed.
  • FLIP-FLOP: Inspired by the Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer, this patch provides a ‘70s style logic driven sub-octave generator, minus the glitches of the original. CTRL 1 handles sub-octave, mixing between 1 octave down and 2 octaves down. CTRL 2 adjusts the frequency of a synth-like low-pass filter.


Connections 1 x 1/4" Instrument Input Jack, Phone Type
1 x 1/4" Effect Output Jack, Phone Type
1 x 1/4" Dry Output Jack, Phone Type
Controls Dry Volume Knob
Effect Volume Knob
Control 1 Knob
Control 2 Knob
Mode Knob
Bypass/Engage Footswitch
Impedance Input Impedance: 1 Megohm
Output Impedance: 500 Ohms
Bypass Switch Buffered
Current Draw 100 mA
Power Supply Electro-Harmonix 9.6 DC 200 mA (Included)
Dimensions Not Specified by Manufacturer
Weight Not Specified by Manufacturer

In The Box

  • Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine Pedal for Electric Guitars.
  • EHX 9.6DC-200BI Power Supply.


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  • Product: Electro-Harmonix BASS9 Bass Machine Pedal for Electric Guitars
  • Manufacturer: Electro-Harmonix
  • Model: EHX-BASS-9
  • RM Product #: 70793

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