Simple and lightweight support system for stable DSLR video shoots

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The ikan Elements Shoulder Stock rig is a simple, lightweight support system that puts a grip in your hand and a gunstock at your chest. The Shoulder Stock combines stability and weight support to ensure precise operation throughout long DSLR video shoots.

The dense foam handgrip facilitates the shooter's stable operation of the rig. A rod adapter sits atop the handgrip and slides onto one of the two 18" (46cm) standard 15mm rails; its position is adjustable. Farther back along the rails is the rod mount, which supports the cheese plate that sits underneath your DSLR camera. (The camera is secured in place by a steel screw with a hand-tightened nut.) That rod mount can also slide along the rods, so the camera's back-and-forth position is adjustable.

The rear assembly of the rig comprises another rod adapter, a right-angle mount, and most prominently, the universal shoulder pad and plate combo. This padded assembly serves as the gunstock, the rig's second point of contact for the operator – for both stabilization and comfortable weight support.

Like all ikan Elements rigs, the Shoulder Stock is eminently configurable. Most elements tighten, adjust, and remove easily through the use of thumbscrews. All ikan Elements hardware is based on industry-standard connections (15mm rods and 1/4" screws, primarily), so it's a simple matter of adding a part or three if you want to expand your rig. All major parts are aluminum with a powder-coated black finish.


  • Stable Rig for DSLR Video
  • Gunstock w/ Chest Pad
  • Handgrip & 15mm Rails
  • Modular System

Dimensions (HxWxD) 7 x 3 x 19" (17.8 x 7.6 x 48 cm)
Weight 2.1 lb (1.0 kg)

What's included:
15mm Rod Adaptor (ELE-15RDA)
15mm rod mount (ELE-15rm)
Right Angle Mount (ELE-90-m)
Grip Bar/Foam (Pair) (ELE-GB-F)
Cheese Plate (ELE-PT)
Universal Pad & Plate Combo (ELE-UPC)
Rossette Screw

Ikan ELE-SHS Shoulder Stock
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