JLCooper eBOX - Quad Serial to Ethernet Interface
Product #37591 | SKU EBOX
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JLCooper eBOX - Quad Serial to Ethernet Interface

Product #37591 | SKU EBOX
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Serial Port and GPI I/O to Ethernet, Communicates over Standard TCP/IP
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  • Product: #37591
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The eBOX from JL Cooper is a device that acts as a portal for controlling devices across your facility or across the world. It eliminates information bottlenecks and overcomes distance limitations typically inherent to serial communication.

It simplifies long distance cabling by using IP addressable, point-to-point architecture to send control messages over existing 10/100 BASE-T wiring. The eBOX features 4 serial connectors, activity LED's, 24 GPI inputs and 24 outputs as a standard feature.

Port direction can be configured as DTE or DCE on each port independently. In addition, the eBOX can operate as a GPI to Serial Convertor or GPI to Ethernet Convertor. In these modes, the unit will convert GPI input triggers to deck commands.

Key Features

  • 10/100BASE-T (Ethernet) to Quad RS-232/422 (9-Pin) and GPI hardware interface
  • Ideal for LAN, WAN and Internet control of VTRs, DDRs, switchers, computer based editing systems, cameras, projectors and other devices that use RS-232/422 (9- Pin) and GPI
  • Commands from a host NLE, Browser or RS-422 switcher/controller are directed to individual devices on the network
  • Allows broadcast or networked facilities to control distanced machine rooms from a facility's central server
  • Ideal for broadcast television, streaming media networks, multi-room editing facilities, news production or in any audio/video/multimedia studio where remote hosts need to control devices over long distances or via the Web
  • Host to eBOX, eBOX to host and eBOX to eBOX communication is possible - an unlimited number of units can be addressed
  • The serial ports can be configured in the field to appear as EIA/TIA RS- 232E and CCITT V.28 or as EIA/TIA RS-422A, RS-423 and Federal Standards 1020 & 1030 ports
  • Configuration is accomplished through a web page server built into the eBox. Items such as port speed, parity, IP address, remote IP address and TCP port are set using a standard web browser - settings are stored in nonvolatile memory
  • This Ethernet port is just like an Ethernet port on a computer, and can be connected to a hub, switch or router
  • The four 9-pin D-Sub connectors can be configured for RS-232C or RS-422A operation
  • eBOX can act as a GPI to Serial convertor - each of the 24 GPI Inputs can be assigned to send P2 or Odetics Commands. Assignments are retained in non-volatile memory and basic tally back information is provided via GPI outputs
  • Works as an interface for GPI or serial to Doremi Labs V1 or MCS (2R2P) Servers. Also supports older P2 controllers via LAN, WAN and Internet
  • EBox contains a basic security mechanism that prevents unintended hosts from passing data through a secured eBox. A password is set on the configuration page and stored in nonvolatile memory. When password protection is enabled, eBox embeds the password in the transmitted IP packet. At the remote end, the receiving eBox must have password protection enabled and be programmed with a matching password


Connectors 4 x 9-pin D-Sub
2 x 25-pin D-Sub
2 x RJ45
Power Requirements 9VDC at 500mA (0.5A) centre positive (via included external power supply)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 8.5 x 4.7 x 1.75" (216 x 119 x 45mm)
Weight 4 lbs (1.8kg)


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  • Product: JLCooper eBOX - Quad Serial to Ethernet Interface
  • Manufacturer: JLCooper
  • Model: EBOX
  • RM Product #: 37591