Comprehensive and versatile audio preamp with AGC Disabler

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The JuicedLink DS214 DSLR Camera Headphone Amp, Meter & AGC Disabler is a comprehensive and versatile audio low-noise preamplifier with AGC (Automatic Gain Control) disabling for use with DSLR cameras such as the Canon T2i / 7D.
The JuicedLink DS214 features a stereo 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo minijack input, capable of handling 2 discrete audio channels (requires a Y cable), a headphone output and level control for each. The output is an amplified mic level suitable for driving the mic inputs on cameras and recorders.
The DS214 will bypass the DSLR's noisy AGC circuit and establish, clean stable audio signal from external shotgun microphones, lavaliers, wireless microphone receivers and more. The unit also features comprehensive, accurate stereo metering.

The right and left channels combine for a mono headphone amplifier. For the Canon 7D and T2i cameras which do not have manual audio control, the DS214 AGC Disable feature will force the camera to throttle back its noisy amplifiers, to be able to achieve better signal-to-noise performance from the camera.

Canon T2i / 7D - AGC Disable, Adding Headphone Monitoring and Meters**

For the Canon 7D and T2i cameras which do not have manual audio control, the DS214 AGC Disable feature will force the camera to throttle back its noisy amplifiers, and keep them there. Otherwise, the camera's AGC will increase the gain and noise during the quiet periods of the recording. This is accomplished by injecting a noise signal into the camera's right track, and the camera's AGC detects the presence of a high signal, and reacts by throttling back its noisy amplifiers. This technique sacrifices one of the camera recording tracks to yield a clean track for recording. Engaging the DS214 AGC Disable will pan all mics to the left track, as the right track is used for the AGC Disable signal (where it will be required to delete the right track in post). The DS214 can be used as a playback headphone monitor to play back your clip in the camera and review the audio in the field. For more detials, please see the DS214 Online User Manual.

Adding Headphones and Metering to a Rode VideoMic (or similar)

There are many compact microphones intended for on-camera mounting, which can plug directly into the camera. Unfortunately, many of the DSLR cameras do not have headphone monitoring or metering capabilities. Use of the DS214 enables the addition of these features.

Zoom H4n Dual-System Audio with Camera

The H4n digital recorder has become very popular with DSLR users. Unfortunately, recording audio separate from the camera requires additional work in post to sync the audio with the video. Although there is software to help do this, the added effort sill increases exponentially with large numbers of short clips (and most of these DSLR cameras are only capable of short clips anyhow). Users have come up with the clever solution of plugging the headphone output of the H4n into the camera microphone input. But then, you have lost your ability for headphone monitoring. Using the DS214 as an interface between the H4n and camera allows you to regain the headphone monitoring capability, as well as level control and metering into the camera.

This first audio clip is of a Rode NTG2 being recorded directly by a Zoom H4n, and then this second audio clip is the headphone output from the H4n going through the DS214 and then recorded by a 60D. The second audio clip can be taken from the 60D directly without the need to sync in post, and there is a backup recording in the H4n for good measure. This technique depends on the quality of the recorder headphone amp (for example, the results are not very good using the H1 recorder).

Product Features

  • 2 mic channels via the stereo minijack input
  • Meters
  • AGC Disable (to get better SNR from cameras without manual control)
  • 30dB typ max gain
  • Headphone Amplifier
  • Low-noise preamp
  • Enclosure fabricated from Aluminum, Approx 3.5" x 3" x 1.7".
  • Applications
    • Keep gain of 7D and T2i cameras without manual control from creeping up via the DS214 AGC Disable
    • Headphone monitoring and metering of minijack mics such as the VideoMic
    • Dual-system audio with H4n and camera
    • Add headphones, meters, and AGC Disable to existing CX211/CX231/CX431 preamps
    • Add headphones, meters, AGC Disable, and preamp to passive-type XLR Adapters
    • Low-noise preamp fed by low-noise XLR mics (>76dB SNR) via adapter can achieve better SNR from downstream camera
  • Mounting Options
    • Mount DS214 (as well as other camera accessories) using:
    • The DIY107 Bracket which mounts to the VideoMic or camera hot shoe (via adapter, not included)
    • The DIY102 Left-Side Bracket
    • The DIY101 Rectangular Bracket
  • Required Tools: 1/16 screwdriver for calibrating meter
  • Made in USA
  • Online User Manual Available here from JuicedLink LLC .

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JuicedLink DS214 Minijack Camcorder Preamp
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