Lanparte MB-0219 4 x 5.65" Rod-Mounted Swing-Away Matte Box for 19mm Rods

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Fits Lenses up to 150mm O.D., Carbon Fiber Construction


The LanParte MB-0219 4 x 5.65" Rod Mounted Swing-Away Matte Box for 19mm Rods is a 4 x 5.65" matte box that features carbon fibre and aluminium construction that makes it lightweight and durable. Designed to work with lenses with a maximum outer diameter of 150mm, the matte box features two rotating 4 x 5.65" (Panavision-sized) filter stages and mounts onto 19mm studio style rods. The matte box incorporates a swing-away design for rapid lens changes and features 1" of height adjustment that allows you to adjust for non-standard camera heights.

Both filter trays can slide in the rotating stages, allowing you to adjust their height. The included removable top and side flags can be precisely set and locked to block stray light from flaring your lens. An anti-reflection fabric sleeve is included to protect your image by blocking stray light from behind the camera sneaking around the lens and bouncing off of filters in the matte box. Please note the matte box does not include any support rods.


Lightweight Construction The matte box itself is made out of carbon fiber, with aluminium used for the support structure. This provides a lightweight yet sturdy unit that is appropriate for shooting hand-held or with stabilizer rigs, when every ounce counts.

Swing Away Design The swing-away design allows you to quickly move the matte box out of the way to cheque or change lenses, without having to remove the matte box from the support rods. This way you don't have to hand off the matte box to someone else, hold it under an arm or between your knees, or hang it under the rods while you work, greatly speeding your workflow and reducing the chance of dropping the matte box or having a filter tray fall out.

Height Adjustable Sometimes during production, things just don't line up. The height adjustable swing away bracket allows you to adjust the height of the matte box up to 1" to compensate for misalignment's or non-standard lens center height.

Rotating 4 x 5.65 Filter Trays The matte box features an independently rotating 4 x 5.65" filter trays; this allows you to simultaneously rotate two filters, such as one polariser and one graduated filter, or even two graduated filters, for creative effect. An included 4 x 4 insert allows you to use a 4 x 4" filter in the 4 x 5.65" tray, the insert prevents light from sneaking around the smaller filter.

Top & Side Flags

  • The removable top and side flags provide you additional flare control and attach to the matte box with a lockable hinged assembly. This allows you to precisely set your flags to match the edge of frame for different lenses and lock them in place so that they don't move during the shot.
  • Each side flag is made from two pieces with a pivot point that allows you to pivot the outer flap approximately 45° providing additional height so that the side flags can butt up against the top flag when it is in a raised position. The outer flap of the side flags run in a track, and a locking thumb nut allows you to lock the side flags pivot adjustment.

Universal Anti-Reflection Sleeve A flexible fabric sleeve adjusts to the outer diameter of your lens, providing a light-tight seal so that light from behind the camera cannot leak through where the lens joins the matte box and reflect off filters to flare your image.

19mm Rod Support The MB-02 can be converted for use on 15mm support rods via an optional 15mm support bracket.


Matte Box
Filter Type 4 x 5.65"
Total Filter Stages 2
Rotating Stages 2 Independent
Degree of Rotation 360°
Rod System 19mm
Materials Carbon fibre
Packaging Info
Package Weight 6.0 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 18.0 x 11.0 x 6.0"


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  • Product: Lanparte MB-0219 4 x 5.65" Rod-Mounted Swing-Away Matte Box for 19mm Rods
  • Manufacturer: Lanparte
  • Model: MB-02-19
  • SKU: MB-02-19
  • RM Product #: 43341
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty

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