MAGIX Entertainment Sound Forge Pro Mac 3, Audio Waveform Editor (Download)

Product #46286
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MAGIX Entertainment Sound Forge Pro Mac 3, Audio Waveform Editor (Download)

Product #46286 | SKU ANR007608ESD
Electronic Download Emailed within 1-3 Business Days

Product Features
  • Record/Produce Broadcast-Quality Audio
  • Optimized for Mac OS X Environment
  • 32 Channels of 24-Bit/192 kHz Audio
  • Precise Audio Editing
  • Audio-for-Video, Dialogs
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Sound Forge Pro Mac 3 from MAGIX Entertainment is an advanced audio waveform editor optimised for the Mac OS X environment. It provides audio engineers with an extensive suite of restoration, repair, editing, and mastering tools, to record and produce broadcast- and streaming-ready audio master files, for music, dialogue, video, and more.

Sound Forge Pro 3 features a flexible interface that can be easily configured to optimise your workflow for the task at hand. The software is equipped with a powerful audio engine which lets you simultaneously record up to 32 channels of high-resolution audio, at 24-bit/192 kHz. Precise control over the editing process is achieved with the ability to edit at the sample waveform level, using the included Spectralayers Pro 4 spectral editor. Distorted audio files can be restored with the iZotope De-Clip plug-in, which detects and repairs clipping artefacts, while the iZotope Voice De-Noise plug-in works to enhance vocals and dialogue clarity by reducing background noise.

To help deliver a full and loud final master, Sound Forge Pro 3 comes with mastering plug-ins that include the Wave Hammer compressor/limiter and iZotope Ozone Elements. In addition, the Automatic Loudness Levelling combined with the Loudness metres simplify the process of finalising AES/EBU-compliant, broadcast-ready audio master files, and ensure compliance with broadcast loudness regulations such as the CALM Act.

What's New in Version 3

  • Highlights
    • Full support for VST, AU, RTAS, and AAX plug-ins
    • Over 75 professionally designed presets
  • Expanded Signal and Effect Processes
    • New signal and effect processes added include noise gate, reverb, simple delay, chorus, flanger
  • Automatic Loudness Levelling Capabilities
    • Precisely calibrated AES/EBU loudness metres help you make use of the entire dynamic range for broadcast audio files
    • Loudness metre ensure compliance with broadcast loudness regulations such as the CALM Act (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act)
    • Flexible metre positioning puts you in control of the location and orientation of the metres
  • Audio Repair Improvements
    • Automatic clip detection quickly scans for and detects clipping
    • The Detect Clipping command automatically places markers at each instance of an audio clip to help you quickly locate and repair audio clippings
  • Dynamic Rendering of Project Files
    • No need to render intermediary pre-masters any more
    • Pass multiple audio pre-masters through unique plug-in chains as they are being burned, disc-at-once, to a Redbook standard CD
    • A single click saves every project file, along with information about the plug-in chain and its associated audio asset
  • Mastered for iTunes Auditioning
    • Hear exactly what your mastered-for-iTunes audio will sound like before rendering
    • Continue to adjust, edit, and enhance while auditioning the results in real-time without rendering
  • Load Audio Portions of Popular Video File Formats
    • Open and edit the audio stream from a variety of popular video file formats including XAVC, XDCAM, AVCHD, and more
  • iZotope RX Elements
    • De-Clip: Restores distorted audio by detecting and repairing clipping artefacts
    • Voice De-Noise: Specifically designed to fine-tune vocals and dialogue by reducing background noise
    • De-Hum: Easily remove line noise and ground-loop hum
    • De-Click: Use the low-latency de-click algorithm to remove clicks and crackle from vinyl recordings, or attenuate the “clicky” performance of a bass guitar track
  • iZotope Ozone Elements
    • Based on the algorithms of legendary iZotope Maximiser
    • Enables you to achieve a full, rich, and loud final master — radio- and streaming-ready

Key Features

Processing Power

  • Optimised for Mac OS X environment
  • Designed to work flawlessly with native and third-party plug-ins

High-Resolution Recording

  • Record high-resolution audio at 24-bit/192 kHz
  • Up to 32 channels of simultaneous recording
  • Customisable window layouts give you access to flexible hardware routing and adjustable metering utilities

Precise Editing

  • Edit at the sample level
  • Configurable viewing panels enable you to toggle between multiple open files and configure open projects for easy access to editing features
  • Easily switch between time-based or event-based editing modes

Interoperability with Spectralayers Pro 4

  • Complete round-trip workflow with SpectraLayers Pro 4
  • Experience the best of both waveform editing and spectral editing
  • Menu commands enable you to easily move files between the two applications and utilise the unique strengths of these powerful audio tools

Mastering for Music and Dialogue

  • Combine native mastering tools such as the Wave Hammer Compressor/Limiter with included iZotope plug-ins to perfect the audio

Disc-at-Once CD Burning

  • Burn all open files directly to a Redbook-compliant, replication-ready master CD
  • Add track markers to a single-file recording of a live set and burn a gapless, disc-at-once, Redbook standard audio CD

File Conversion Automation

  • Standalone batch processing application automates multiple file processing in a single operation
  • Convert to a new file format, add processing and effects, add metadata including artwork, to multiple files in a single batch process

Flexible and Customisable Workspace

  • Easily optimise the interface for the task at hand
  • Click the Show/Hide pane buttons to quickly readjust the interface layout
  • Drag tools from one pane to another to customise tool location to suit your workflow

Multiple Edit Mode

Time Mode

  • For general purpose editing — enables you to select a range of time within the waveform, and manipulate just that audio

Event Mode

  • For editing non-destructively
  • Event-based editing allows you to divide a sound file into any number of independent sections (events) that can be arranged and rearranged on the timeline
  • Event Mode allows you to convert regions to events, lock event markers, region markers, and envelope points to events, and automatically ripple successive events forward in time while editing


  • Use the normalise feature to accomplish standard peak-level normalisation, or modify an audio file dynamics directly using average RMS-level normalisation
  • Great for matching the apparent loudness of different recordings

Channel Convertor

  • Use the Channel Convertor to change the number of channels in an audio file, reverse the channels of a stereo file, or intermix the channels of a multichannel file to create panning scenarios

Native Processor

  • Built-in native audio processors provide powerful sound-shaping possibilities
  • Apply processes such as Auto Trim, Fade in/out, Invert/Flip, Mute, Reverse, Volume, to a specific time selection within an audio file or to the entire file


Bit Depth Conversion

  • Convert sound files to different bit depths while applying dithering using the included iZotope MBIT+Dither plug-in
  • Achieve optimum bit depth conversion with detailed control over parameters such as bit depth selection, dither mode, noise shaping, minimise peaks, and silence harmonics

Sample Rate Conversion

  • Convert the sample rate of an existing sound file accurately using the included iZotope 64-bit SRC (sample rate convertor) plug-in
  • Achieve optimum sample rate conversion with detailed control over parameters such as sample rate selection, quality, steepness, filter length, cutoff scaling, alias suppression, and pre-ring

Time Stretch

  • Use Zplane élastique time-stretch plug-in to achieve optimal pitch-shifting and audio file length adjustments, without artefacts
  • State-of-the-art psychoacoustic models and signal-processing theory provide stable timing, inter-channel phase coherence, and sample-accurate stretching
  • Achieve formant-preserving pitch shifting
  • Choose from various stretching methods tailored to your source audio, including Pro, Soloist, and Efficient modes
  • Monitor and adjust settings while previewing in real-time


  • Use the simple synthesis plug-in to generate basic waveforms and noise
  • Perfect for creating pitch-accurate tuning notes and pink and white noise for room tuning

Wave Hammer

  • Audio mastering tool which combines a classic compressor and a volume maximiser
  • Use the Compressor to add punch to your audio, or crank it up to create analogue-like distortion
  • Use the Volume Maximiser to boost the overall level of a signal without clipping or distortion, or to limit the signal's peak amplitude

Audio Effects

  • Improve the quality of your audio or create unique sounds using the included processes and effects
  • Apply effects individually or use a plug-in chain to add multiple plug-ins to process your audio
  • Adjust parameters and preview the results in real-time prior to rendering


System Requirements Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.12
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Xeon-Processor
Hard Drive Space: 200 MB
Plug-In Compatibility Full support for VST, AU, RTAS, AAX
Supported File Formats Read
3G2, 3GP, AAC, AIF, CAF, MP4, SND, W64, WAV (multi-channel support)

G2, 3GP, AAC, AIF, CAF, MP4, SND, W64, WAV (multi-channel support)


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  • Product: MAGIX Entertainment Sound Forge Pro Mac 3, Audio Waveform Editor (Download)
  • Manufacturer: MAGIX
  • Model: ANR007608ESD
  • SKU: ANR007608ESD
  • RM Product #: 46286