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Redrock Micro micro Follow Focus Indie Bundle
Product #12555 | SKU 16-066-1108
Special Order Usually ships in 14 - 21 working days
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Redrock Micro micro Follow Focus Indie Bundle

Product #12555 | SKU 16-066-1108
Special Order Usually ships in 14 - 21 working days

Product Features
  • microFollowFocus and microLensGears
  • 0.8 Gear Drive for Cine Lenses
  • 3 Sizes of Lens Gears for Still Lenses
  • Tightens by Thumbscrew Onto 15mm Rods
  • Compatible Optionally with 19 mm Rods
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Product Details
  • Product: #12555
  • SKU: 16-066-1108
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14 - 21 working days
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The Redrock Micro microFollowFocus Indie Bundle has as its core components a complete and very well-built follow focus system and three strong, flexible, different-sized lens gears that optimise the system for still lenses. The gears wrap around the focusing rings of still lenses, gently gripping them tight, and on the outside match the 0.8 teeth of the follow focus's gear ring. The gear ring otherwise, without need for lens gears, sits ready to accommodate any cine lenses (since cine lenses natively have matching 0.8 teeth). The remaining components of the bundle are a white marking disk, which cleans easily at the wipe of a cloth, and a grease pencil for marking focus stops on the disk. (A focus indicator cutout on the focusing wheel at all times very clearly shows where you are focused.)

The follow focus -- the microFollowFocus -- is the "little brother" of the microFollowFocus | Blue. It tightens by thumbscrew onto a pair of 15 mm rods and can be used with 19 mm rods per the separately-sold addition of a microOmniMount accessory. Once the follow focus is on the rods, and a lens is mounted onto the camera that's on those rods, the focusing unit of the follow focus slides left or right to adjust to the diameter of the lens; and as different diameters are supported, so are different lengths -- the follow focus's gearbox flips to the front or to the rear to support long and short lenses by lining up with their focusing rings. The gearbox is additionally adjustable to reduce backlash to minimal/zero in order to achieve backlash-free focus pulls, meaning that the teeth of the gear ring will meet the teeth of the lens (or of the lens gear) in a fit such that will leave no space, no looseness, between them, achieving hence precise fluidity -- the whole purpose of a follow focus.

microFollowFocus is made of precision-machined aircraft grade aluminium, its drive gear of hardened composite with a metal insert in it, and its focusing wheel featuring a rubberised handgrip. A standard accessory port is available on the side of the focusing wheel for the attachment of a speed crank or a focus whip (items that let an assistant pull focus from about a foot or more away).

Key Features

"Little Brother" of the microFollowFocus | Blue

  • Tightens by thumbscrew onto 15 mm rods
  • Shifts sideways to adjust to various-sized lenses
  • Features a .8 film pitch drive gear for cinema lenses
  • Works with still lenses by means of included lens gears
  • The gearbox flips forward / back to support different lenses
  • Backlash is adjustable and focus can be pulled backlash-free
  • Comes with a 2D marking disk that cleans at the wipe of a cloth
  • A standard accessory port takes on optional accessories such as a speed crank

Black microLensGears for Still Lenses

  • Let you use still lenses with the follow focus
  • Enable a fit with the 0.8 teeth of the follow focus
  • 3 different-sized gears for different lens diameters


Drive Gear Standard 0.8 mod 32 film pitch drive gear
Mount Compatible with standard 15 mm rods with 60 mm spacing /
optionally compatible with 19 mm rods
Material Precision-machined aircraft grade aluminium, hardened composite drive gear with a metal insert, rubberised handgrip
Weight 0.39 kg

In The Box

Redrock Micro micro Follow Focus Indie Bundle
  • microFollowFocus
  • Black microLensGears Size A
  • Black microLensGears Size B
  • Black microLensGears Size C
  • Fastening Screws for microLensGears
  • Grease Pencil for Marking Focus Stops


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  • Product: Redrock Micro micro Follow Focus Indie Bundle
  • Manufacturer: Redrock Micro
  • Model: 16-066-1108
  • SKU: 16-066-1108
  • RM Product #: 12555