Redrock Micro microTape Sonar Rangefinder
Product #11876 | SKU 8-026-0001
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Redrock Micro microTape Sonar Rangefinder

Product #11876 | SKU 8-026-0001
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Redrock Micro

Product Features
  • Measures Focusing Distance Up To 21 Feet(6.4 m)
  • Sonar/Echo Measurement Technology
  • Powerful Yet Harmless Sonar Beam
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Configurable Double-Sided LED Display
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  • Product: #11876
  • SKU: 8-026-0001
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By shooting a sonar beam at a subject, and then measuring the returning "echo", Redrock Micro's microTape Sonar Rangefinder helps measure the focusing distance of a subject up to 21 feet(6.4 m) away from the camera.

The measurement is accurate to within an inch, and it updates and returns in real-time on a beautiful display on the side of the unit. The minimum distance the microTape measures is six inches(15.24 cm), but it is nevertheless not designed for short distances, such as those shorter than an inch, or for distances between parts within a subject.

The sonar beam is powerful but it is harmless -- it can safely be directed at people and animals. However, what should be used with caution is a laser available on the microTape. A laser is available and can be switched on and off to help determine where the sonar beam is pointed at. This laser should not be pointed near a person's eyes or an animal's eyes.

The microTape's display is a double-sided LED and is configurable. It can be set to read out feet and inches or centimetres. If the microTape is combined with Redrock's microRemote, the readout gets displayed on a wireless handheld that can be viewed remotely.

The microTape has a 1/4"-20 female thread at its bottom for mounting a camera rig or other support devices. It can also be used off camera, whereupon the offset from the camera can be programmed to ensure accurate measurements.

When used as a standalone, the microTape can be powered via an included 9 V battery cable that has a 9 V battery case on one of its ends, or via optional cables by a D-tap battery or AC power. The 9 V or D-tap batteries are not included. The microTape draws very little power -- a single 9 V battery will last over 24 hours. When connected to the microRemote basestation, microTape draws power from the basestation directly.

The microTape is a valid addition to productions that would benefit from accurate focus.

Key Features

  • Measures focusing distance up to 21 feet(6.4 m) by shooting a sonar beam and reading returning echo.
  • Accurate to within an inch.
  • Updates and returns measurement in real-time on a double-sided LED display.
  • Powerful but harmless sonar beam.
  • Readout can be configured to display feet and inches or just centimetres.
  • Can be combined with Redrock's microRemote for wireless remote handheld readouts.
  • Very low consumption power. Can be used with 9 V battery, D-tap battery, or AC power. A 9 V battery cable with a battery case on one of its ends is included.


Range Approximately 21' (6.4 m)
Display Double-sided extra bright blue LED numeric readout
Display Unit User selectable feet/inches, inches, centimetres
Mounting 1/4" 20 female tap on bottom of microTape
Can also be used off-camera with range offset for accuracy
Power By 9 V battery/D-tap battery/AC power via respective cables when used standalone (9V battery cable included with a 9 V battery case on one of its ends is included), or from Redrock microRemote basestation when used with microRemote
Weight 366 g

In The Box

  • Redrock Micro microTape Sonar Rangefinder
  • 9 V Battery Cable


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  • Product: Redrock Micro microTape Sonar Rangefinder
  • Manufacturer: Redrock Micro
  • Model: 8-026-0001
  • SKU: 8-026-0001
  • RM Product #: 11876