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SprintRay MoonRay-S 3D Printer
Product #62255 | SKU MoonRay-S
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SprintRay MoonRay-S 3D Printer

Product #62255 | SKU MoonRay-S
Usually ships in 4 - 6 weeks

Product Features
  • Consistent Print Speed.
  • Superior Surface Finish.
  • Print Every Detail.
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  • Product: #62255
  • SKU: MoonRay-S
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The SprintRay MoonRay-S 3D Printer is designed with your creative process in mind. Our advanced printing technology elevates personal desktop 3D printing to new levels of quality, precision, functionality, and flexibility. MoonRay S works with our intuitive RayWare Wireless software and custom-formulated resins to simplify the printing process and streamline your workflow, while delivering accurate parts with ultra-fine details. This unparalleled combination helps accelerate the transition from idea to reality.

When designing your project, you won’t need to worry about creating an elaborate support structure. Our RayWare software’s advanced support-generation algorithm is optimised to make strong, correctly placed supports without wasting material.

Key Features:

Custom-Built for 3D Printing

At the core of each MoonRay is our patented UV DLP projector, RayOne. We created RayOne so every MoonRay could be equipped with a well-calibrated, long-lasting projector. RayOne hits the correct light wavelength consistently across the build platform for improved resin-curing control and dimensional stability. Parts printed with MoonRay and RayOne are exceptionally detailed and precise, with dimensional accuracy of +/- 50 microns.

Fast Print Speed

Unlike laser SLA 3D printers that are drastically slower when printing large or complex parts, MoonRay’s print speed is consistently fast, and only dependent on the height of your model. Printing multiple models takes the same amount of time as printing one model, making MoonRay the most time-efficient 3D-printing option and up to ten times faster than laser SLA 3D printing.

Print Accurate Models

MoonRay’s exceptional accuracy is the result of its RayOne UV LED projector and our high-performance MoonRay materials. We created RayOne in order to eliminate the distortion issues of conventional DLP and laser SLA 3D printing. Its uniform light intensity across the build platform ensures that all of your printed parts, regardless of size and shape, are accurate. Our resins have been formulated for use with RayOne to print accurate parts with unlimited details.

Inhibition Film + Glass Construction

MoonRay’s unique resin tank was made to last. We’ve put an end to costly resin tank maintenance — no more replacing your resin tank regularly or changing the PDMS layer. You can focus on creating and printing amazing models instead of spending time on machine maintenance. MoonRay’s durable resin tank lasts up to 25 times longer than the resin tanks of similar 3D printers, saving you time and money.

Easy to Use Software

RayWare makes printing with MoonRay simple. Add your models and let the software do the work for you. RayWare also includes many optional adjustable settings, allowing your printing processes to be as easy or as advanced as you’d like it to be.

Automatic Support Generator

RayWare’s advanced support-generation algorithm adds strong, correctly placed supports in one click. Supports generated by RayWare have been designed to be easy to remove, and optimized to use less material than other support-generation systems.


Printing Technology Mask Image Projection
Stereolithography (SLA)
Digital Light Processing (DLP)
Hinged Peel Mechanism
Manual Resin Filling
Easily Removable Supports
Print Volume 5 x 3.2 x 8 in
13 x 8 x 20 cm
Layer Thickness Options 20 Microns, 50 Microns, 100 Microns
Minimum Feature Size 100 Microns
Print Speed 1 in/hour @ 100 Microns
0.5 in/hour @ 50 Microns
0.15 in/hour @ 20 Microns
Resin Curing Unit SprintRay Custom-Built HD Projector
Million Pixels Density
Glass + Polycarbonate Lens Construction
Texas Instruments DLP Chip
405nm Blue-Violet Light
LED-based Light Source
50,000 Hours Expected Lifetime
Resin Tank Machined Aluminum Base Plate
Built-in Drain
Vacuum Formed Cover
Up to 50 Liters Extended Lifetime
One Spare Drum Included
Connectivity Direct Ad-Hoc Mode via Wi-Fi b/g/n
Local Network via Wi-Fi b/g/n
Local Network via Ethernet Cable
Printer Control Multi-functional Push Button with LED Status Indicator
Unit Dimensions 15 x 15 x 20 in
38 x 38 x 50 cm
Shipping Size & Weight 22 x 22 x 34 in - 50 lb
56 x 56 x 86 cm - 23 kg

In The Box

  • MoonRay S 3D Printer.
  • 1 Litre of Standard Resin.
  • RayWare Software Access.
  • Resin Tank.
  • Spare Resin Drum.
  • Build Platform.
  • Finishing Kit.
  • Power Supply.
  • Ethernet Cable.


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  • Product: SprintRay MoonRay-S 3D Printer
  • Manufacturer: AHPL
  • Model: MoonRay-S
  • SKU: MoonRay-S
  • RM Product #: 62255