Strymon BigSky
Product #52613 | SKU STR-BIGSKY
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Strymon BigSky

Product #52613 | SKU STR-BIGSKY
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Multidimensional Reverb
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5.0 (based on 2 ratings) Thanks for your rating!
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  • Product: #52613
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Plug into the Strymon BigSky and instantly lift your sound into the stratosphere. The world below you fades into the distance, and you’re elevated into a glow of lush, glorious, radiant reverbs.

To create a reverb experience as natural, beautiful, and immersive as BigSky required tremendous feats of sound engineering and artistic imagination. Using the fundamentals of acoustical science as our beacon, we carefully studied and scientifically analyzed reverb technology from the past fifty years. We faithfully captured the essence of these classic sounds, and forged ahead to dream up our vision of reverbs from the future.

Key Features:

Go where no reverb has gone before

Feel the mechanical tension of the Spring reverbs. Hear the floating particles of the Cloud machine. Defy the laws of physics with the Nonlinear reverbs. Unleash the multi-head reverberations of the Magneto machine. BigSky gives you twelve studio-class reverb machines, each with simple yet powerful controls.

12 Unique Reverb Machines

BigSky gives you twelve studio-class, musically inspirational reverb machines. Hall Plate Spring Swell Bloom Cloud Chorale Shimmer Magneto Nonlinear Reflections Room
Diffused reflections and slower-building density are the hallmarks of this beautiful and versatile reverb. The Concert size is well-balanced, spacious and warm, while the Arena size is huge, enveloping and booming.


Presets, Expression Pedal Control, Cab Filter, Assignable Knobs, and more. Simple Controls Presets Expression Pedal Cab Filter Assignable Knobs Infinite / Freeze Spillover / Persist MIDI

Simple Yet Powerful Controls

We’ve gone to extraordinarily lengths to craft BigSky to empower your creativity without getting in the way of it. We’ve hand-picked the most essential reverb controls, and tailored their range and functionality so that sounds can be created effortlessly without extended tweaking.


“Project BigSky” started as a journey of diligent research. We studied, reviewed and examined physical reverb units, algorithm architectures, academic papers and programming techniques from the past five decades. Within BigSky, we utilized traditional reverb elements such as feedback-delay networks, allpass-delay-filter loops, Schroeder reverb sections, multi-tapped delay-lines, as well as all-new reverb elements that we developed along the way. The goal was to find the best starting point for each reverb sound, and then elevate it into the 21st century.


Tech Specs
Pedal Type: Reverb
Analog/Digital: Digital
Inputs: 2 x 1/4" stereo, Expression pedal
Outputs: 2 x 1/4" stereo
MIDI I/O: In/Out
True Bypass: Yes
Bypass Switching: True bypass
Power Source: 9V center-negative DC 300mA Width: 6.75"
Depth: 5.1"
Power Supply Included: Yes
Manufacturer Part Number: BIG


5.0 (based on 2 ratings)
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  • William
    The Strymon Big Sky Reverb unit is arguably one of the best units on the market. An expensive reverb but worth every penny. The service as usual, from Rubber Monkey was first class, I had the unit the day after I had ordered it and I live in Auckland . I can't recommend them enough.
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  • Phil
    The Strymon BigSky is a superb reverb pedal for both guitars and synthesisers. I use it predominantly on synths and it is by far and away the best reverb I have used. The BigSky is simple to use and yet complex enough to create incredible sounding reverbs. Arguably, it is getting a bit old now and unlike newer Strymon pedals, lacks a USB port for simple midi-syncing. It has traditional 5-pin midi in outs, so this shouldn’t be a game breaker. The build quality is very good, as you’d expect from Strymon, but it’s here where my one complaint is. The majority of pots on the pedal, are great but the Type and Value pots feel a bit wiggly and are too easy to accidentally move. I’m not sure why they’re not all the same - there’s a good enough reason - but it is a bit strange and occasionally frustrating. All in all though. You cannot go wrong with this pedal if you’re after an amazing reverb.
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  • Product: Strymon BigSky
  • Manufacturer: Strymon
  • Model: BIGSKY
  • RM Product #: 52613