Syrp Genie Motion Control Device
Product #13798 | SKU 0030-0001
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Syrp Genie Motion Control Device

Product #13798 | SKU 0030-0001
In stock with supplier Usually ships in 2 - 3 working days

Product Features
  • Linear and Panning Motion
  • Timer or Sensor Input
  • Preview Function
  • Custom User and Factory Pre-Sets
  • Bubble Level with Light
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  • Product: #13798
  • SKU: 0030-0001
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The Genie Motion Control Time Lapse Device from Syrp is your key to the creative world of time lapse photography or real time video. The 10.16 cm cube takes up very little space in your bag and at only 1.5 kg it's easy to make it part of your standard rig.

The Genie, which allows both panning and linear motion control, attaches to standard gear such as dollies, sliders, jib arms and tripods. Simply attach the panning accessory to your tripod or support and mount your optional camera and ball head to the tapped female receiver atop the Genie.

The weight of your equipment is rarely a concern since it supports up to 20 kg. An illuminated bubble level is built in to help in setting up for panoramas. The Genie has factory presets such as Stars, People or Clouds but you can enter an unlimited amount of user presets into the Genie's memory for custom work. At maximum panning speed a 360° pan takes 5 seconds, while 99 cm of linear movement takes 23 seconds.

Linear time lapse can be done on a rail or on a linear support system of your own making. While the Genie comes with 9.85' of rope to pull it across the rail, the movement of your time lapse is only limited by the length of your rope. Kevlar-cored rope with lengths of 100 m, 50 m or 10 m are available for separate purchase. The Genie has been tested successfully on a homemade 18.3 m dual cable stretched over a lake.

Inputs include both USB for firmware and a sensor input. The free firmware upgrade enables ramp-in, ramp-out functions and HDR (High Dynamic Range). Ramping is the process of modifying exposure settings on a camera in order to maintain a desired exposure value while the camera is in Bulb mode. This is especially valuable for transitional day into night, or night into day time lapses.

The sensor input accepts a motion, light, sound or other type of sensor to start your program in response to specific stimuli. The Genie ships with both panning and sliding bases, two slider mounts, 3 m of rope and a multi-voltage charger for its built-in battery. A three-hour charge gives you about 12 hours of run time, depend on the weight of your camera. The Genie is compatible with approximately 130 cameras from nine major brands.

Key Features

Dual Motion

  • Panning and linear motion control with one device


  • Attaches to any existing film equipment i.e. Dolly, Slider, Jib Arm etc.

Sensor Input

  • Auto start function through a timer or sensor or both. Sensor input allows for attachment of a motion sensor, light sensor, sound sensor and more


  • Preview function allows for revision of recording movement prior to recording


  • Factory pre-sets allow for instant shooting straight out of the box or storable user-programmable panning and tracking pre-sets

Auto Start and Power Saving

  • Auto Start enables the user to program camera movements to return to "home" and repeat again or continuously run the same movement. It also enables the user to setup time-lapse or camera movement to start on a delay timer. Auto Power Off shuts down the Genie when it's unused for 1 hour to save battery power


  • Bubble level with light

Ramping Firmware

  • Bulb ramping is the process of modifying exposure settings on a camera in order to maintain a desired exposure value while the camera is in Bulb mode. A free firmware upgrade allows ramp-in, ramp-out function and HDR. Current version: 1.1.9


  • Canon: 7D, 60D, 50D, 40D, 30D, 5D, 20D, 10D, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II, 1D X, 1D C, 1D Mark IV 1D (s) Mark III, 1D (s) Mark II (N), 1100D(T3), |1000D (XS), 100D (SL1), 700D (T5i), 650D (T4i) 600D (T3i), 550D (T2i), 500D (T1i),450D (XSi), 400D (XTi), 350D (XT), 300D, 300V, 300, 60Da 50E, 50, 33, 30, 3000, Canon Powershot G1X, G10, G11, G12, G15
  • Nikon D800E, D800, D700, D600, D300S, D300, D200, D4, D3X, D3, D80, D70s, D7100, D7000, D5200 D5100, D5000, D3200, D3100, D90
  • Sony A900, A850, A700, A580, A550, A500, A450, A350, A300, A200, A100, A77, A65, A58, A55, A35, A33
  • Pentax K100D, K110D, K10D, K20D, K200D, ist DS2, ist D, ist Ds, ist, ist DL MZ-6, ZX-L, MZ-L, ist DL2
  • Panasonic DMC-FZ20, DMC-FZ30S, L1, GH1, GH2, GH3, DIGILUX3, DMC-FZ20k, DMC-FZ50K, DIGILUX 2, DMC-GF1 DMCFZ100, DIGILUX2, DMC-FZ20S, DMC-FZ50S, DIGILUX 3, DMCG2, DMC-FZ30, DMC-FZ50, L-10 DMC-G3, DMC-FZ30K, LC-1, DMC-G1, DMC-G10
  • Olympus E620, E600, E520, E510, E450, E420, E410, EM5, EP3, EP2, EP1, E30, E3, SP-570UZ, SP-560UZ SP-550UZ, SP-510UZ
  • Fujifilm S5 Pro, S3 Pro
  • Contax N Digital NX, N1, 645
  • Samsung GX 1L, GX 1S, GX-10


Maximum Speed Video mode:
Linear: 100 cm in 23 seconds
Panning: 360° in 5.0 seconds
Power Supply
Input: 110-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Output: 15VDC, 1.5A
For use in: Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, UAE, South Korea
Lithium-ion 11.1V
Battery Run Time
Up to 12 hrs. depending on camera weight
Charging Time
3.0 Hrs.
USB x1, Sensor input x1
Head to Tripod Mounting Thread
Bottom: 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20
Top: 3/8"-16
102 x 102 x 102 mm
1.5 kg

In The Box

  • Syrp Genie Motion Control Time-Lapse Device
  • Panning Base
  • Sliding Base
  • Rope for Slider (3 m)
  • 2 x Slider Mounts
  • Multi-Voltage Charger


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  • Product: Syrp Genie Motion Control Device
  • Manufacturer: Syrp
  • Model: 0030-0001
  • SKU: 0030-0001
  • RM Product #: 13798
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion Included