TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor Pedal

Product #35857 | SKU 960813001 | TC Electronic
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  • 3 Separate Compression Modes
  • Vintage for Traditional Compression
  • Multiband for Subtle Dynamic Control
  • TonePrint Enabled for Custom Presets
  • Blend Knob Mixes Wet/Dry Signal to Taste

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The TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor is a pedal intended for use with electric guitars which provides compression and sustain—and, some would argue, tonal-shaping capabilities—in three distinct modes of operation.

For the more classic, squeezed tone associated with the tight rhythmic strumming used by funk players or the plaintive howls of David Gilmour's guitar solos, vintage mode can be implemented. However, if you want something a tad more subtle, HyperGravity offers the same multiband dynamics algorithm found in TC Electronic stalwarts such as the System 6000. Using this multiband mode—labelled Spectra on the pedal—you can tailor the compression differently for treble, midrange, and bass frequencies, leaving you with a more transparent and natural sound whose dynamic range is nonetheless controlled. Finally, this pedal provides a mode for TonePrint algorithms, which are presets custom-tweaked by renowned guitarists and sent to the pedal via the included TonePrint app. It is also worth noting that you can create your own custom TonePrints within the app itself.

In addition to its three separate modes, this pedal offers four controls to help you shape your compression: Attack, Sustain, Blend, and Level. Attack controls the amount of time elapsing before the compression itself—the level of which you'd control with the Sustain knob—takes effect, while Blend acts as a mix control, allowing you to dial back your compressed tone so that your original signal can shine through. A Level knob controls the overall volume output of the pedal, and the bypass switch, which can be adjusted between True and Buffered settings via an internal DIP switch, allows you to turn the effect off and on.


Note: This Pedal is Designed to Work with the Free TonePrint App

TonePrint App Features

  • Build your own custom presets, or use presets tuned by famous musicians
  • Editor offers complete control over all effect parameters and effect behaviour
  • Customise knob function and knob range to individual taste
  • Audition your presets in real time, tweak as need be and immediately hear results
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac platforms


Controls and Indicators Sustain knob
Level knob
Attack knob
Blend knob
Mode mini-toggle switch
Bypass footswitch
LED indicator
Bypass Switch True bypass (buffered bypass optional via interior DIP switch)
I/O 1 x 1/4" mono instrument jack, input
1 x 1/4" mono instrument jack, output
USB Mini-USB connector for uploading and editing custom TonePrints and for software updates
Impedance Input: 1 MOhm
Output: 100 Ohms
Power Input Standard 9 VDC, centre negative > 100 mA (power supply available separately)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 48 x 48 x 93 mm

In The Box

  • TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor Pedal
  • USB Cable (Type A to Mini-B)


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  • Product: TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor Pedal
  • Manufacturer: TC Electronic
  • Model: 960813001
  • SKU: 960813001
  • RM Product #: 35857
  • Warranty: 3 year manufacturer warranty

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