Tiffen 67mm Wedding & Portrait Kit

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(Warm Soft F/X 3, Black Pro Mist 3, Warm Pro Mist 3 Filters & 4 Pocket Pouch)


Warm Soft FX Filters Tiffen Soft/FX filters are soft focus filters. These filters have a pattern of tiny lenslets that put smaller details, like wrinkles and skin blemishes, out of focus while leaving larger details such as the eyes sharp. Soft/FX filters are available in most sizes in grades from one-half through five, with grade 5 having the greatest softening effect. This filter is most effective when used for soft focus portraiture.This filter combines the effects of Tiffen's Soft/FX series and their exclusive 812 warming filter.

Pro Mist Filters

Pro-Mist and Warm Pro-Mist Filters, part of Tiffen's Hollywood/FX Series, generally produce highlight flare that appears more as a "halo" than does the more outwardly extending flare of a fog filter. By keeping the flare closer to the subject, they create an almost pearlescent glow to highlights. Available in various degrees of diffusion strength (with Grade 5 having the strongest effect), the lower grades of the filter also find use in toning down the excessive sharpness and contrast of modern film and lens combinations without detracting from the image. The Black Pro-Mist series of filters also creates moderate image softening and modest-to-strong highlight flare, but without as much of a lightening effect in the shadow areas.

Both of these filters are also available in a "Warm" Series which combines the Pro Mist effect with Tiffen's exclusive 812 warming filter.

In The Box

  • Tiffen 67mm Wedding & Portrait Kit (Warm Soft F/X 3, Black Pro-Mist 3, Warm Pro-Mist 3 Filters & 4 Pocket Pouch)
  • Tiffen 67mm Warm Soft/FX 3 Filter
  • Tiffen 67mm Black Pro-Mist 3 Filter
  • Tiffen 67mm Warm Pro-Mist 3 Filter
  • Filter pouch


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  • Product: Tiffen 67mm Wedding & Portrait Kit
  • Manufacturer: Tiffen
  • Model: 67HFXGK1
  • SKU: 67HFXGK1
  • RM Product #: 66265

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