Tiffen 82mm Warm Black Pro-Mist (F/X) Filter 1/4

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Professional quality warming filter 1/4


The 82mm Warm Black Pro-Mist F/X 1/4 Filter from Tiffen creates moderate image softening as well as modest highlight flare without as much of a lightening effect in the shadow areas. This filter combines Tiffen's Pro Mist effect with their exclusive 812 warming filter and is part of the Hollywood F/X series of filters.

The subtleness of this filter has its use in portraiture irrespective of film or digital applications. The effect of the Warm Black Pro Mist is pronounced and dramatic. The warm, romantic results of its use make it an appealing choice for fashion, beauty or landscape photography. If you're shooting in open shade or on an overcast day, the warming effect generated will bring your skin tones back to a more pleasing level. Your highlights remain controlled and your shadows will stay reasonably deep. Contrast is lowered overall.

Tiffen's ColorCore glass is produced through a process that entails permanently laminating the filter material in between two pieces of optical glass that are ground flat to tolerances of a ten-thousandth of an inch, then mounting them in precision aluminum rings.

  • Offers all the benefits of the Black Pro-Mist filter but with a warmer tone
  • Adds natural warmth to skin tones, exterior shade and highlight areas
  • Eliminates pale, washed out skin tones often caused by electronic flash
  • Neutral colors remain unaffected
  • Creates a soft light "pastel" effect
  • Warm Black Pro-Mist F/X filters are available in grades from one-half through five, with grade 5 having the greatest effect; the effect of lighter grades is subtle with higher grades becoming gradually more noticeable
  • Tiffen's ColorCore glass is sealed between two optical glass sheets. In this way, Tiffen can better control the various densities of their filters and thereby create more exact degrees of filtration. This process makes for greater accuracy of color as opposed to glass that is simply dyed and become subject to deviation during the dye process
  • Tiffen, a leader in the filter industry, proudly makes its filters in the USA and backs up its products with a solid 10-year warranty


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  • Product: Tiffen 82mm Warm Black Pro-Mist (F/X) Filter 1/4
  • Manufacturer: Tiffen
  • Model: 82WBPM14
  • SKU: 82WBPM14
  • RM Product #: 7975
  • Filter Diameter: 82mm

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