Other Power Accessories

SWIT-S-7500F SONY NP-F Dummy Battery Adaptor

Pole-tap DC connector
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Redrock Micro powerPack Canon Cinema EOS Kit

  • Use with ultraCage for Canon Cinema EOS
  • Compact Design Attaches Directly to ultraCage
  • Supports Regulated or Unregulated Power Output
  • Power Source Voltage Monitoring
  • Protected Variable Voltage Adjustment
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Redrock Micro powerPack Universal Kit

  • Powers Camera & Accessories on a Rig
  • 24"(61 cm) Lemo to D-Tap Cable Included
  • Two 12 V Lemo Outputs
  • One 5-12 V Lemo Variable Output
  • Lemo Input for Connection to Battery
Usually ships in 6 - 9 days