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Wacom - Intuos4 Inking Pen with Stand and Replacement Nibs
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Product #8348
SKU 1197294
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Wacom - Intuos4 Inking Pen with Stand and Replacement Nibs

Product #8348 | SKU 1197294
In stock Ships Tuesday

A digital pen for Intuos4 tablets that can write in ink as well
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  • Product: #8348
  • SKU: 1197294
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Wacom's Intuos4/5 Inking Pen gives the immediate feedback of actual ink on paper, plus all the added benefits of a digital tablet pen. Here's how it works: simply place a sheet of paper on top of your tablet and using the special "inking" nib with your Intuos4 inking pen, you can both "draw" on the paper and digitally record the drawing on the tablet. Not to mention, if you would rather take a break from using ink, you can insert Wacom's standard "non-inking" nib into the pen and just use it digitally.

Whether you're using the pen with ink or without, it is both tilt and pressure sensitive. That means, you can digitally capture very light or heavy pen strokes, as if naturally writing or drawing. You have the option to adjust these sensitivities as well. At the pen's lightest pressure sensitivity, it responds to as little as one gram of pressure and can register up to 2048 different levels of pressure. Using the pen in a supported paint or photo program, these sensitivities come in handy for adjusting line weight, brush size, image opacity, or exposure.

Like other Wacom Intuos4 tablet pens, this one can also be used as a mouse. Touching the tip of the pen to the tablet surface performs the "left-click" function. Tapping and dragging the pen on the tablet performs the "click-and-drag" function. Tapping the tablet twice performs the "double-click" function. Although this pen does not have a readily available tap function for right-clicking, you can easily program the "right-click" command into one of the express keys on your pen tablet.

Product Highlights
Works w/ Intuos4 and Intuos 5 Generation Tablets
Draw or Write w/ Ink on Paper
Digitally Record Your Work
Inkless Digital Drawing / Writing Option
Pressure and Tilt Sensitivities
Mouse Click Functions
Weighted Stand
Replacement Nibs

What is included
Intuos4 Inking Pen
2 x Standard Nibs
3 x Inking Nibs
Pen Stand
1-Year Warranty

More information about Wacom Products (Link to Wacom Website)


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  • Product: Wacom - Intuos4 Inking Pen with Stand and Replacement Nibs
  • Manufacturer: Wacom
  • Model: KP-130-01DB
  • SKU: 1197294
  • RM Product #: 8348